Student Health Center copes with high staff turnover

Student Health Center copes with high staff turnover

A total of six employees left the AU Student Health Center this summer, including the director and associate director.

“The turnover this year was higher than we typically see in a given year,” Dean of Students Robert Hradsky said in an email.

On average, only one or two staff members leave each year, according to Hradsky.

Former Director Daniel Bruey and former Associate Director of Clinical Services Dr. Barry Clark resigned over the summer, according to Hradsky. However, Hradsky said he could not comment on why the two individuals resigned.

Only two of the six permanent staff positions have been filled, including those for psychiatric nurse practitioner and the patient services representative.

Of the four remaining positions, three are temporarily staffed, and Hradsky is acting ad director until the position is filled.

Dr. Martin Rosenthal is serving as the center’s temporary associate director, Hradsky said.

One nurse practitioner and one physician assistant left over the summer, Hradsky said. These positions have been temporarily filled by two nurse practitioners until permanent staff can be hired, he said. However, the University was unable to fill these positions in the two years before March 2013, Hradsky said.

The University is currently interviewing and running background checks on several candidates for the open positions.

“We hope to announce the new [medical] providers very soon,” Hradsky said in an email on Sept. 10.

There are currently more than five medical providers who can see patients at the Student Health Center.

The change in staff has not affected the Student Health Center’s accreditation, which has been provided by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, Inc. since 2009, Hradsky said.

The staff changes have also not affected local pharmacies’ ability to fill prescriptions written at the Student Health Center, Hradsky said in an email.

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