Heat wave, air conditioning delay upsets students living on campus

Heat wave, air conditioning delay upsets students living on campus

Despite the hot weather, Housing and Dining cannot turn on the air conditioning in dorm rooms until April 15. Changing from heating to air conditioning in the dorm halls is an annual process, said Sophia Benedicktus, the associate director of Housing and Dining Programs.

The University looks to see if the average temperature of a 14-day period is above 55 degrees to determine if the seasonal change has occurred, according to Benedicktus.

Benedicktus acknowledged that the dorm rooms are warm and gave students advice on how to stay cool.

"I recommend wearing white clothing and opening windows," Benedicktus said.

Sydney Mineer, a sophomore in the School of Communication and a resident of Anderson Hall, went back to her room on April 9, but quickly left it because of the heat.

“I sat on the Quad to do work until 1:30 a.m. to get away from the heat,” Mineer said.

Mineer found it was cooler outside than inside her dorm.

Housing and Dining announced April 10 on Twitter that air conditioning will be turned on April 15.

“It is extremely hot,” Edward Chang, a sophomore in the SOC and a resident of Leonard Hall, said. “Monday is too far from now.”

Chang and his floormates have had trouble falling asleep due to the heat, he said.

The heat also makes it difficult to concentrate and do work in the dorms, Chang said.

Deepak Bhagat, a freshman in the School of Public Affairs and a resident of Anderson, said that he woke up in his dorm room in the middle of the night on April 10 and was sweating.

“I am not satisfied with the fact that the AC is not on in the dorms, because it is obvious that students are suffering,” Bhagat said in an email. “We don't pay for room and board to sleep in a sauna.”


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