Student Activities offices in MGC move

University Center and Student Activities offices have been rearranged this summer to increase student access to SA advisers.

UC and SA offices are still located on the second floor of the Mary Graydon Center.

The office of Fraternity and Sorority Life has been moved to MGC 260 and the Club Council office has been moved to MGC 248.

The Office of Campus Life has moved certain SA advisors closer to the student-run organizations they advise to strengthen the relationships between advisees and advisors, according to Senior Director of University Center Michael Elmore.

“The principle objective was more drop-in and casual access to the advisors students work with,” he said.

Curtis Burrill, assistant director of fraternity and sorority life, is one of the advisors who had his office moved this summer. It is now located adjacent to the fraternity and sorority council offices.

“Lots of transactional-based items do need to take place in Student Activities,” Burrill said. “But advising is relationship-based, and I believe this new approach will better accomplish that goal.”

Assistant Director of Student Media Adell Crowe’s office was also moved and is now located inside the Talon office.

Crowe’s move was prompted by the increase in interaction between her and the eight media groups she advises when she held office hours in the Talon office last year.

“Students face a power dynamic every day with faculty, because at the end of the day they are giving you a grade,” Elmore said. “We are here trying to help you find yourself. That is our objective.”

Full Disclosure: Crowe is the Student Activities advisor for The Eagle.

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