New tool on AU portal to help students view finances

Student Snapshot, the section of the AU portal where students can view their tuition bill, GPA and schedule, will start showing more information on student finances in early June.

The revamped tool, called Eagle Finance, will still be accessible through students’ portals, according to letter sent to students on April 29.

Eagle Finance will provide students and their families with a more detailed and user-friendly breakdown of student finances, according to the letter.

Eagle Finance will break down charges, payments, anticipated financial aid and refunds for students.

Students’ payments will be divided into student, financial aid and sponsor payments.

The new Anticipated Finances section will replace the existing Pending Financial Aid section. It will provide information on students’ individual, anticipated and distributed award amounts.

Students will also be able to view refunds made to their accounts and if they are being refunded by e-check or paper check.

E-billing and the ability to view and print PDF bills off the AU portal will also be introduced soon, according to the letter.

Check online at for updates.

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