CERF low on funds, asks for $10 fee

Only $5,000 raised so far, needs $100,000

The Student Government will ask the University’s budget committee to add a one-time, $10 fee onto next year’s tuition to help the Clean Energy Revolving Fund meet its goal of raising $100,000.

The fee would generate about $60,000 for the fund, according to Jennifer Jones, the SG’s environmental policy director.

CERF, which was created last year, works through purchasing sustainable technology and then putting the energy savings back into the fund.

In order to be fully functional, the fund needs at least $100,000. There is only about $5,000 in the fund now, Jones said.

“People have been talking about a number of different ways of having [the fee] in the budget,” she said. “I am going to talk about having a one-time $10 fee that is separate from Student Activities fee.”

Jones said previous fundraisers included a dance last spring. Future events concerned with sustainability may include a large event in April.

Jones is also looking into large grants that would fill the fund immediately.

The Board of Trustees will vote on AU’s budget in February, approving all fees and allocations for the University.


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