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Student government brief: SG elects new speaker

On April 22, the Undergraduate Senate passed a resolution on campus safety and also elected a new Speaker of the Senate.

Current Parliamentarian, Caitlin Hodgkins, a sophomore in the School of Public Affairs, was elected the new speaker of the Senate. Hodgkins is also currently the Judicial Board chair, a post she since resigned from after her election.

Hodgkins said the speaker should be "dedicated and passionate ... as well as reasonable," and she said she believes she holds such qualities.

The Senate also passed a resolution for the campus community to look into more safety measures in light of the recent tragedy at Virginia Tech.

Suggestions made include a text messaging alert system, which would notify the campus community if any event should occur.

Other suggestions included for the university to look into a public address system, to look into locking the classrooms doors from the inside and to update the "Emergency Preparedness" portion of

In other SG news, the "Ben Murray Chair of Governance" was declared, recognizing the chair that Murray, a senior in SPA and SIS, governed from is officially named in his honor.

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