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FBI investigates Red Cross

The FBI has begun investigating Red Cross volunteers who distributed relief supplies allegations of theft and other crimes were made against them, the USA TODAY reported Friday.

Red Cross workers allegedly diverted supplies away from the relief effort, and the Red Cross is accused of breaking its rule of not using convicted felons as volunteers.

"The Red Cross takes these allegations very seriously and is committed to being the best stewards of the donated dollar," Red Cross President and CEO Jack McGuire said in a statement.

Military plans to detonate bomb

Military plans to detonate an experimental bomb in the Nevada desert have drawn criticism from state officials and an activist, the AP said Friday.

The detonation, which is scheduled for June 2, is part of a research effort towards creating a bomb that can penetrate rock formations under which a country would store nuclear weapons stockpiles, or other WMDs. The blast will send a mushroom cloud over Las Vegas.

"I am concerned that tests of this magnitude have been planned without providing Nevadans with any information about the possible impact on their health or safety," said Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid in a statement released Thursday.

"This is nothing that's out of the bounds for us. That's what our expertise is in," Nevada Test Site Darwin Morgan said.

Students to help select president

Harvard University students will have a role in the search for a new university President after former President Larry Summers announced he would step down in June, the Boston Globe reported Friday.

The governing board of Harvard, known as the Harvard Corporation, will select two advisory groups, one student group and one faculty group. The chairs of each committee will join search committee meetings occasionally. Also, search committee members will sometimes join advisory board meetings. The final decision rests with the Corporation.

"Seeking a new president is obviously a matter of crucial importance to the university, and we hope to benefit from the perspectives of the many people who care about Harvard," Corporation Member and search committee chair James R. Houghton said.

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