Police Blotter

Friday, Jan. 28

A male student reported being harassed and followed by individuals. No specific action was reported.

An individual leaving a parking space in Bender Library Lot collided with and damaged a student's vehicle.

A sex offense was reported off campus. A female student saw a flier advertising free massage services for the first 50 callers. The student arranged an appointment for an on-site massage. When the individual offering the massage arrived, he touched her inappropriately. MPD was involved, but the student declined to file charges. Public Safety is unable to investigate because the incident happened out of its jurisdiction.

Saturday, Jan. 29

A female student required a hospital transport from Anderson Hall. She was vomiting and having abdominal pains and was transported to Suburban Hospital.

A male student required a hospital transport from Leonard Hall. He suffered an injury to his penis while having relations with his girlfriend. He required medical attention and was transported to Sibley Hospital.

At Park Bethesda, the Montgomery County Police Department ticketed nine people in various apartments for underaged drinking.

Sunday, Jan. 30

A fire alarm was reported in Hurst Hall. A steam line leak caused a smoke alarm to go off.

A male student reported a theft in the Sports Center men's locker room. His jacket, which contained a flip phone and credit cards, was stolen.

A female student reported theft from Federal Hall. She and her roommate were entertaining individuals in their room when the student noticed her purse was missing.

A female student reported theft from Bender Arena. She left her purse on a seat during a basketball game and went to talk with friends a few seats away. When she returned, her wallet had been stolen.

A male student reported injury at the Greenberg Theater. He slipped and fell on a set of stairs. Physical Plant was called to treat the steps.

Monday, Jan. 31

A female staff member required a hospital transport from Bender Library. She reported an unknown illness and was transported to Sibley Hospital.

A stuck elevator was reported in Anderson Hall. One female student was stuck for about 30 minutes until the D.C. Fire Department and Physical Plant Operations freed her.

Tuesday, Feb. 1

Defacing property was reported at Bender Library. Drawings of naked women were reported on two elevators and a pay phone.

Property damage was reported in the Nebraska Lot. A car left overnight in a parking space had a cracked bug shield.

Wednesday, Feb. 2

A visitor to AU reported a noise harassment in the Letts-Anderson Quad. The visitor was in the quad with his friend, an AU student, and the visitor's Seeing Eye dog. Individuals entered the Quad and began making noise with a tambourine. The visitor asked them to stop because they were bothering his dog. The students responded with more noise. The visitor and his friend went inside, and when Public Safety was called, the individuals were not in the Quad.

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