Student Health Center Director resigns

Student Health Center Director Bethany Chiaramonte has resigned her position effective immediately but will stay on until a replacement has been found, according to Dean of Students Faith Leonard.

"She will be working for us throughout the summer to make a smooth transition for the fall," Leonard said. "We are in the process of conducting a search. She is assisting us in that process."

Chiaramonte was unavailable for comment.

Chiaramonte is leaving "for family reasons," Leonard said.

"She has decided to return to the Midwest and we're sorry to see her go," Leonard said. "We have appreciated her service to the University and the Student Health Center. We'll miss her."

Chiaramonte came to AU last September, replacing Larry Payton who had left AU the previous spring. Immediately upon entering the position, she began to make changes to the health center. These began with cosmetic changes such as new pictures on the walls in the waiting room, The Eagle previously reported Sept. 15.

Over the past year, Chiaramonte has worked with the University to improve the health center, including a move to McCabe Hall on the South Side of campus. Construction recently began on the new center, which is scheduled to be complete next spring.

"We don't anticipate any delay in that project at all," due to her departure, Leonard said. "She's been actively involved in the planning and development of the new facility."

In early April, Chiaramonte changed the operating procedures of the health center by switching to "open access scheduling," allowing students to make same-day appointments, unlike the previously used walk-in system. It was part of her "Four Elements of SHC Improvement Plan," Chiaramonte said in April. The plan addressed, "access, interaction, reliability and vitality."

AU is now in the "screening process" for a new director, Leonard said.

"We'll set up an interview committee shortly," Leonard said. "Students, of course, will be involved in that process."

The committee will be made up of "people from across the campus," Leonard said. The deadline for finding a new director is the fall semester, at which time Chiaramonte will help the new director transition into the position.

According to Leonard, Chiaramonte has "enjoyed her tenure at the University"

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