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Chemical agent Lewisite found behind Public Safety

The Army Corps of Engineers announced Wednesday that they had discovered a small amount of the chemical warfare agent Lewisite in a glass container near Rockwood Parkway.

AU President Benjamin Ladner issued a statement on Thursday informing the campus on the matter but stressing, "that there was no danger."

"No health or safety incidents reported," according to Ladner's statement. "The Army Corps will employ stringent safety measures for the next stage of the remediation of this area."

Although the Army Corps has recently completed the clean up of the Intramural Field on the south side of campus, they now turn to an area known as Lot 18. Lot 18, the area including the immediate region behind the Public Safety and Financial Aid buildings, was also used as a dump for unused agents yet only trace amounts had only been found in the soil before.

The Army Corps release stated that no risk from the Lewisite was present because it was contained in a glass case. If the chemical had been released though, it would not affect "anyone beyond a distance of one meter."

The Army Corps release stated, "Although no health or safety incidents were reported during the work, Corps officials believe this re-characterization of the site is prudent given what has been found."


Asia Council of AU to look at Japan in forum Wednesday

The Asia Council of AU will be holding its 48th Washington Asia Forum entitled "Japan: Political Economy" on Wednesday, Sept. 10 at 2 p.m. in Hughes 102.

Edward Lincoln, senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, will be guest speaking at the event.

Lincoln, an expert on Japanese economics and U.S.-Japan relations, also serves on the board of directors for the Journal of Japanese Studies and is currently conducting research on the evolution of Asian economic regionalism and its implications for American foreign economic policy.

- S.B.

DPA announces 2003-2004 Greenberg schedule of events

AU's Department of Performing Arts has announced this year's seasonal events, from musical theater to plays and concerts in the new Harold & Sylvia Greenberg Theatre.

The new theater that opened in Spring 2003 features 300 seats, a new stage, orchestra pit, dressing rooms, improved lighting, acoustics, scene and costume design shops.

Fall semester will feature performances of Cabaret, AU Players and AU in Motion: A Theatre and Dance Showcase, Symphony Orchestra & Chorus Fall Concert and Fall Connections: Roundelays.

For ticket information and a rundown of all the year's shows, check

- S.B.

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