Marriott changes distributor

Marriott dining services switched food distributors over the summer in an effort to improve customer service.

AU food services has had a contract with the Sodexho-Marriott distribution firm for the past 2 1/2 years, but that contract ran out over the summer and AU administrators decided not to renew it said Terrace Dining Room manager Mike Bauer. AU's new food distributor is the Sysco Co. of Baltimore, Md.

Students should not expect many changes in the menus of TDR, the Marketplace or the Tavern.

"Everything usually comes from the same large source, it's just sold through different outlets," he said.

AU is in a trial-and-error stage with Sysco right now, since the company has different specifications for food orders than Sodexho-Marriott, Bauer said. The transition to Sysco was made just two weeks ago, he said. Overall, Bauer believes the switch is for the better.

"The main issue was the improvement of customer service," he said.

Sysco is also a larger distributor than Sodexho-Marriott, so Bauer said he believes more food products will now be available to AU.

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