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Concert Review: Lollapalooza

One week before Woodstock '94 commenced in upstate New York, Lollapalooza '94 rolled through our area. Held at the Charleston Racetrack in scenic (barren) West Virginia, this festival proved to be better than ever in its third year.


Brooklyn's Biohazard: the exclusive interview

Over the summer, in promoting their new album, "State of the World Address," New York band Biohazard played in the nearby Merriweather Post Pavilion, opening for Sepultura and Pantera. Biohazard is (and always will be, according to the CD jacket): Billy Graziadei - vocals, guitar, piano; Bobby Hambel - lead guitars, acoustic guitars; Danny Schuler - drums; and Evan Seinfeld - vocals, bass. The following is an interview with Graziadei.


Music Review: Public Enemy

"If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything." So begins Public Enemy's sixth album, "Muse Slick N Hour Mess Age." True to the quote, Public Enemy has always stood their ground amidst media controversy, little radio airplay, white supremacy, and ignorance in general.

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