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When good men do nothing: Youth vote too wavering to predict

The youth vote has always been unpredictable. It seems that every election cycle, there is always a candidate that "energizes," "invigorates" or "electrifies" youth voters. A big fuss is made, said candidate is usually declared to be the frontrunner (see: Dean 2004 and Obama 2008), and there are the inevitable 92 prime-time specials about how "this time, the youth vote will be the difference.


Hillary Clinton: GOP's best bet

This is an open letter to all Democrats of voting age. I am a young, optimistic member of the Republican Party. I disagree with your party on most issues, and though I recognize the importance of working together, all things considered, I would rather have one of my candidates in the White House than one of yours.


Apathetic voters elect lazy politicians

When I was last with you, dear readers, I ended with a jab at one of the most important issues plaguing our political process today: voter apathy. In today's atmosphere of division and polarization, it seems crazy that some of our peers simply don't care enough to make it to the polls on Election Day.

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