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Katzen hosts emotional performance

Katzen Arts Center Friday April 27 8 p.m. Saturday April 28 8 p.m. Sunday April 29 3 p.m. After the attempted suicide of one of his close friends, Johannes Brahms began an 11-year journey to create a requiem for the bereft and for those left behind.


Japanese Embassy showcases manga

Shoujo Manga Exhibit Japan Information and Cultural Center, Japanese Embassy Metro: Farragut North (red line) Through March 16 Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Free admission Rating: B+ As soon as visitors step off the escalator, a glass case in front of them begins an exhibit showcasing original artwork from Japanese girls' shoujo manga comic creators.


Thoughts on Oscar mania

This Sunday night is Oscar night, where the question of which film is the best picture of the year will finally be decided and Jon Stewart will go down in history as the best Academy Awards host of all time. It's also the night that will determine which films, actors and directors will be most marketable in the film industry.


Japanese students get two cultures with dual degrees

Fuyuki Kawasaki smiles a lot. He speaks English at a steady pace, and rarely can't find the right words to express his feelings. With a small smile, he won't hesitate to share his opinions with modesty and humility. In short, Kawasaki seems to have embraced the ideals of both American and Japanese education systems: The seemingly opposing American ideal of taking risks and being independent and the Japanese ideal of being polite and not disruptive to the community.


'Student of color' is exhibited at National Gallery

C?zanne was a student of color. Vibrant blues and intense greens are generously applied to the canvas, mainly through the use of a palette knife. Colors became such a focus for his works that he began blurring objects together in order to emphasize the color rather than the actual objects, thus making the paintings abstract.


Japanese 'manga': a storyline for every taste

Japanese comic books, or "manga" (mahn-gah), now dominate roughly three book sections in Borders and have their own section in Barnes & Noble. It's becoming difficult to walk past them without at least wondering what the appeal is. Unfortunately, there's such a variety of titles that it can be an overwhelming and daunting task to even choose one to look at.


Pacino teaches McConaughey a few life lessons

"Two for the Money" makes something very clear: Matthew McConaughey suffers when Al Pacino is around to show what real acting should look like. McConaughey plays Brandon Lang, a cocky football player who receives a career-ending blow to his leg during a college game.


Number of international students falls from last year

The number of undergraduate international students studying at AU has decreased from 369 last year to 331 this year, according to AU's Office of Institutional Research and Assessment. "I think it's a combination of factors," said Fanta Aw, director of International Student Services at AU, of why the numbers are decreasing.

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