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'Quantum' reveals human in Bond

Yes, the allure of the beloved Bond, James Bond, may be his smooth skills as an agent of the British Secret Intelligence Service. It may be his jet-setting jaunts as he tracks down vicious villains or his daredevil deeds amid his frequent women-wooing. Yes, Bond is badass - but don't forget, he has feelings, too.


Fairies transform stage into 'Dream'

The Rude Mechanicals' production of William Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" last weekend provided a refreshing and delightful segue into the highly ironic mid-fall season, inviting audiences to enjoy the famous playwright's fusion of fantasy, love and humor.


Misrach captures beach life in wake of 9/11

Summertime at the beach often entails many sunny delights, but photographer Richard Misrach's exhibit "On the Beach," currently on display at the National Gallery of Art, reveals a profound disquietude surrounding the everyday sunbather. The exhibit features 19 large-scale color photographs of swimmers and sunbathers in Hawaii.


Guide To: College Fashion

Some college students dress better than most people think. "I think fashion and image are both very important in college," said Steve Meyer, a junior in the School of Public Affairs. "How you dress and how you carry yourself can show an aura of confidence or an extreme lack thereof, and dressing well can make all the difference in making a good first impression on someone.


Comics Industry Breaks Down Gender Barrier

Comic books filled with images of blood and carnage are generally not meant for the squeamish. For this reason, there was a time when most women didn't read most comic books. But Rebecca Head, a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences and an employee at the Fantom Comics store on Wisconsin Avenue, is an example of how comics have gradually appealed more to women who cringe at gore-laden frames of art.


Mechanicals garner laughs, empathy

Amid the tireless yearning, misguided brawls and tangles of unsuspecting love in William Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night: or what you will," the cast of Rude Mechanicals delivered a humorous performance last weekend in the Tavern, marked by occasional prancing, drunken stupors and a plot braided with amusing farce.


Austin Grill serves up spicy, delicious Tex-Mex goodness

Austin Grill 7278 Woodmont Avenue Metro: Bethesda (red line) $9-$12 Grade: A- The next time that craving for Mexican food takes over, avoid walking into Guapo's in Tenleytown and instead take the Metro to Bethesda's Austin Grill for some savory Tex-Mex.


Stylish selections for fashion-forward students

With the recent debut of many fall 2007 ready-to-wear collections, the Scene is abuzz with talk of fashion trends. However, while the runway influences and reflects what people wear on the street, these two fashion spheres can seem worlds apart. In that light, the Scene presents you with its tips for stylish street fashion, inspired by the runways of the world and our campus.


Tono Sushi serves tasty, intimate fare

Tono Sushi 2605 Connecticut Ave. N.W. Metro: Woodley Park-Adams Morgan (red line) (202) 332-7300 $10-$15 Grade: A The name Tono Sushi cannot properly describe what customers will find at this quaint and novel restaurant, which makes Japanese and Asian cuisine not only a fine meal but also a cultural occasion.

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