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Residents plan for extra guests

With inauguration weekend coming up, some AU students planned to make extra money by renting out their dorm rooms to tourists staying in D.C. this week. Other students are having friends stay in their rooms for the weekend and are excited to share the inauguration experience with them.


Economy spurs enrollment concerns for '09

AU professors are currently uncertain of exactly how the economic crisis will affect enrollment for the 2009-2010 academic year. "With parents' stock portfolios plummeting, it makes private schools look out of reach with their tuition," said Martha Starr, an economics professor in the College of Arts and Sciences.


More attacks reported near D.C. college campuses

The man suspected of committing sexual assaults on students off campus near AU has not yet been caught and is suspected of committing similar attacks on students near other campuses like Georgetown University and George Washington University, according to AU Public Safety Director Chief Michael McNair.


Kent State prof fires back at Web site

Students aren't the only ones who look at RateMyProfessors.com anymore. An increasing number of students and professors access the Web site, a forum for students to discuss their positive or negative feelings about specific teachers. Professors at AU and schools across the nation have begun to view the site more as a place for students to vent than to post useful information.


AU students plan to assist at polls

In addition to campaigning and canvassing during this election, students at AU and other schools across the country will assist in the electoral process by working at polling places. Some AU students have signed up to work at area polling places Nov. 4 through AU's Center for Democracy and Election Management.


High schools cut AP classes

AU's admissions process continues to evolve as high schools nationwide drop their Advanced Placement programs. The University of Chicago Laboratory Schools initiated their current wave of AP course cuts from the curriculum because professors felt their students might benefit more from a curriculum "that teachers say puts less emphasis on memorization and test preparation," according to U.


Peta2 ranks university menus

As an increasing number of college students demand more vegetarian and vegan options on campus, dining halls across the nation are stepping up their selections of meatless foods. D.C. is no exception as peta2, the college-focused arm of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, ranked Georgetown University as the ninth-most vegetarian friendly campus in 2007 and is considering AU for its 2008 awards.


College costs continue to rise

As everything from milk to gas continues to increase in cost, AU's average tuition cost rose by 6 percent this academic year, an increase that is in line with the national trend for tuition hikes. AU's average tuition cost for full-time students this academic year rose to $32,816.

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