Phil Cardarella



Justice Department must be reformed, de-politicized

When John Ashcroft became Attorney General of the United States in 2001, he announced the Department of Justice’s initiative against “public corruption.” However, evidence has developed that the Department of Justice has been the source, not the opponent, of this corruption. Specifically, a study has come out that demonstrates that the Bush Administration’s Justice Department, under both Ashcroft and Gonzales, committed political profiling on local Democrats. This is a violation of the individual’s freedom to speak and associate and cannot be allowed to stand.


America's crusade against marijuana cannot continue

As you might have heard, Richard Nixon was a crook. He was behind one the largest scandals in our government’s history, but that isn’t the action that has had the most devastating impact on America. Richard Nixon is a crook because he brought us into a pointless, tremendously expensive and impossible war: keeping people from smoking pot.


Individual liberty means freedom to buy, sell sexuality

I have never been a fan of Rhode Island. It's the runt of our country and last of the original colonies to accept the Constitution. Plus, I was rejected by Brown. Communists. Yet Rhode Island has one redeeming quality: legal private prostitution. The Supreme Court of Rhode Island decided that prostitution can be legal in the privacy of a home.

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