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Panel presents international view of cultural differences

Although it costs Anisa Ismail $1,000 and takes her 36 hours to get from Washington, D.C., to her hometown of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, she said the destination is worth the trip. "I love the fact that I can walk out of my house without wearing a jacket or boots," Ismail, a senior in the School of International Service, said, referring to clothes necessary to wear in the Malaysian climate.


Election observers restricted

Election officials in the D.C. area have restricted non-U.S. citizens who want to observe the election from visiting certain polling sites, according to Vassia Gueorguieva, a coordinator of an AU-based team of election observers. "Usually election observation is done at random sites," Gueorguieva said.


Edwards criticizes corporate radio control

Increasing corporate control over the media has reduced the diversity of opinions in the media and caused a decline in the quality of journalism, broadcast journalist and AU alumnus Bob Edwards said Friday night in Bender Arena. Edwards, the host of "The Bob Edwards Show" on XM Satellite Radio, said that when he started working in radio, a company couldn't own more than five radio stations. "Now some of them own 1,250," he said.


Former PM urges multilateral solution

The United States must work multilaterally if it wants to win the war on terror, former Canadian Prime Minister Joseph Clark said Thursday in his keynote address at the Six Universities Conference at AU. Clark, a Distinguished-Statesman-in-Residence in the School of International Service, said that since 9/11, "the international community is more inter and less national.


Nicaraguan film deals with crime, poverty

"If this movie was made in color, all of you would want to vomit," said Nicaraguan film director Pierre Pierson, referring to the miserable conditions the characters in his short film, "Metal and Glass," live in. The film was shown at the Weschler Theatre in the Mary Graydon Center on Friday night.


Campus Brief

Brief news from campus: The AU Student Activities office received nearly 50 applications this past summer for the dual-person position of Program Advisors. Chris Tankersley and Katrina Fauss were hired, according to Karen Gerlach, Director of Student Activities, for their experience in the field.

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