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‘90s alt-rock band sheds sound, style

Jimmy Eat World is not new to the music business. With more studio albums than can be counted on one hand composed over a decade, they have established themselves as a notable name in the alternative rock world and are named as influences by many bands out today. As they embark on another headlining tour around the country and prepare for the Sept. 28 release of their latest work, “Invented,” it seems as though Jimmy Eat World is just hitting its stride. In an interview with The Eagle, bassist Rick Burch discussed the band’s new album and how the band has evolved since forming in the mid ‘90s.


D.C. ticket vendors provide best tools to find local shows

Here in D.C., finding out when and where concerts are taking place can be harder than one would hope. Especially for those who are newer to the city (freshman, transfer students, recent coma patients), the District’s somewhat limited music scene can take time to figure out. But never fear — The Scene is here to help guide you through this difficult time. With a little Internet savvy and determination, you too can be spending your nights in a mosh pit instead of studying. What is procrastination if not an opportunity in disguise? Though in the past we’ve provided you with the best venues to check out, these are all the important ways to actually get the tickets you need — no more huddling outside of will call, hoping there are a couple left.


Is there a rock star in your class?

Politicians, news personalities, do-gooders, sure — but rock stars? Rock stars love sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, not sitting in class, right? Not necessarily. That kid sitting next to you in class, regardless of whether he or she is majoring in music, may one day be a famous musician. In fact, some of the great musicians of contemporary rock and hip-hop were true wonks — nerds first and foremost, with a bent for great music.


Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift impress at Massachusetts concert

The forecast was for rain on June 5 here where over 55,000 people were driving to Gillette Stadium to see Taylor Swift on the final stop of her “Fearless” tour. But the sun finally began to peak out from behind the clouds, and by the time most of the crowd reached the home of the New England Patriots, it was the perfect weather for an outdoor summer concert.


R&B star Jason Derülo talks about his rapid rise to the top

It’s been a good year for Jason Derülo. The R&B artist came into the public eye less than a year ago when his first single, “Whatcha Say,” quickly rose on charts and countdowns across the country. Since then, he’s released his self-titled album, took over the airwaves once again with his second hit “In My Head,” toured with Lady Gaga and still isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.


Owl City show displays lack of experience

It was not too long ago that Adam Young, better known as Owl City, was just a guy making music in his parents’ basement late at night. His performance at the Daughters of the American Revolution Constitution Hall last Thursday did nothing but exemplify this fact and proved that his past is all too recent.


Vampire Weekend, Lady Gaga reinvent music videos for Internet

Some might say that earlier this year — when MTV officially took the word “music” out of their logo — is the day the music video died. Although Web sites such as YouTube allow fans to watch a music video as many times as they want, music videos no longer define an artist. In fact, they seem to have very little impact on our lives compared to a decade ago when Britney Spears was doing full-fledged routines rather than just sitting there, naked.


MUTEMATH pops bubbles, breaks rock ‘n’ roll mold

The Grammy-nominated alternative rock band MUTEMATH have their own style and their own groove. Even the band members themselves have difficulty defining what makes them so unique. The band’s tour with 30 Seconds to Mars will bring them to AU’s Bender Arena April 23. They are also just beginning to record their third album.

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