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Opinion: Pope's death reveals hypocrisy

Looking out my apartment window, I see the "Now Leasing" and American flags at half staff. They've been that way since Pope John Paul II's death on April 2. Anyone with his ear to the ground or his eyes on the news has noticed that the death of the pope has been the biggest news story in recent memory, even rivaling the death of our 40th American president, Ronald Reagan, last summer.


They might be teachers

At an impressionable young age, many of us may have heard our first non-Raffi album. And for some, it was "Flood" by They Might Be Giants, and it was magnificent. They Might Be Giants taught us all sorts of life lessons about Turkish history, pet rocks and how racist jokes are never, ever funny.


The Rusty Nail: Man on the march

So what are you doing next Sunday? For the first time since February, the correct answer is not "watching the NASCAR race." As everyone knows by now, Sunday is the March For Women's Lives. Folks, there is nothing better than having a totally black-and-white divisive issue rear its ugly head on our campus.


The Rusty Nail: subpar Subway service at Nest

This brings me to the absolutely, spectacularly excellent service that we receive at the Eagle's Nest. Perhaps you've been to this fine overpriced establishment at 1:30 a.m. Perhaps you have been verbally assaulted by the angry late-night Subway woman when you asked for a meatball sub.


The Rusty Nail: Saying thanks to SUB

Every now and then, I need to take time off from complaining to give out some well-earned kudos to groups at AU that have made our time here that much better. Right now, the one group that really deserves the lion's share of "thank yous" is the Student Union Board (SUB). You know SUB, right? It does the programming around here.


The Rusty Nail: vending your frustrations

I finally figured it out. x2716. That's what you dial when the stupid vending machines take your money. 2716. It rolls off the tongue so nicely. I think about calling in and demanding $20 for all the Diet Cokes I was never given. 2716. The promised land.


The Rusty Nail: The greatest rivalry hits home on campus

Baseball season is starting on April 3 in Baltimore. Red Sox vs. Orioles. To me and my fellow New Englanders, this is a holiday on par only with the classic springtime Massachusetts days of celebration: St. Patrick's Day, Patriots' Day and Bunker Hill Day. Though I walk around with my new "Super Bowl Champion" New England Patriots hat, I live and die by the BoSox.


The Rusty Nail

Somewhere down the line, February became a month devoted to diversity. This being February and all, I thought it would be appropriate to write a Rusty Nail that dealt with equality, understanding and, of course, brotherhood. Instead, I am forced to write about a place where such ideal values don't exist. A place where the "haves" look down upon the "have-nots" with anger and disgust. Of course, I am speaking of the American University Jacobs Fitness Center.


The Rusty Nail: A serious look at the silly SC elections

This has always been my favorite time of the year. Why? Because it clearly paints me as a hypocrite. I spend a lot of time making fun of these elections, but I always end up getting carried away and helping someone put up posters or wearing illegal campaign stickers within the apolitical walls of TDR.

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