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D.C. program employs youth

D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty is seeking to at improve a popular city program, the Summer Youth Employment Program, which is a nine-week gig where young adults work in both public and private institutions, including AU. The Department of Employment Services slates the number of young people taking part in the program at 22,076 - the largest number registered since the 1980s, according to Erica Stanley, a spokesperson for Fenty.


Scene salutes 1987

As the official first day of spring passes, we're all left with little choice but to start stressing about the summer: where we'll live, what internships we're afraid we didn't get and how we'll make money. For three-quarters of the undergraduate class, it can't get any worse.


GLBT theater opens doors

The District of Columbia has always been known for being the political heart of the United States. Next comes the monuments, then the museums and, last but not least, cherry blossoms. The art and theater scene is rarely pointed out as a characterizing aspect of D.


Automakers display future

Visitors can get a taste of the future this week at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. Though they have been placed on the back burner in light of a new president and failing economy, climate change and the auto industry have long been a big question mark in people's minds.


Local theaters offer sale price cinema

When you're on a tight budget, the first thing you cut out of your life is a $10.50 movie ticket. For movie junkies, though, this can be extremely heartbreaking: no comfy stadium theater seats, no buttery popcorn and no 24 oz., $12 sodas. For those who can't stay away from the silver screen, D.C. offers a handful of small theaters that play the classics or almost-new films for reasonable prices when it's too cold for Screen on the Green. Here are the movies offered this weekend, along with what kinds of films to expect next month and where to find out more information.


Four 'reel' American classics

At least here at AU, patriotism appears to be at its height - Obama chants continued for hours after the election outcome was obvious, despite the pouring rain. Obama has incited more excitement in young voters than any other political figure our generation has seen.


Meet the prezs: Obama, Biden favorites

When you want to find out more about that cute guy or girl in your psychology class, the first place you head is Facebook. So when you want to find out more about our dreamy new President - and Vice President - elect, where else are you going to go? Below are a few of the leaders of the free world's favorites, as gleaned from their Facebook pages.

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