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Top seven movie picks for snowed-in students

With the surplus of snow days and a current rise in cabin fever, most of us are busting at the seams, slowly crossing off items on our to do lists and running out of activities to pursue. It’s inevitable that at some point or another we’ve all wound up in front of our respective televisions, perusing our catalogue of DVDs, attempting to figure out what might numbly entertain us for the next twelve hours or so. Here are a few of our picks for the best movies to watch while snowed in.


Efron grows with 'Orson Welles'

Zac Efron, Claire Danes and director Richard Linklater talk to the Eagle about the upcoming film, “Me and Orson Welles.” The film’s storyline is based on the book by Robert Kaplow and follows young actor Richard Samuels as he interacts with the acclaimed director during his introduction to life in theater.


Carlile proves staying power

Critics and fans alike have found it hard to group singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile into a single genre. She’s been described as rock, folk, alternative and even country. After watching her perform at the 9:30 club Wednesday night, it’s easy to see why Carlile cannot be contained to one set of rules.


Director ‘whips’ cast into shape

“Whip It!” is not necessarily a revolutionary film, but it does not have any trouble standing out in a crowd. It is rare in today’s cinema to find a film that focuses on women without shouting so from a rooftop. While “Whip It!” has “girl power” undertones highlighting Bliss’ struggle to find her place among a bevy of unique women, it never makes the audience feel like they are being preached at; girls are just proud to be girls and happen to kick ass while doing so.


Concert helps find some ‘Soul’

Though automotive companies haven’t been seen in the best light given our current economic state, Kia is trying to eliminate the bad associated with cars this weekend when their Soul Collective Tour hits D.C. From Thursday, Sept. 17 until Sunday, Sept. 20, the Kia Soul Collective Warehouse will be staging free shows, as well as having DJs spin all weekend. Though the Kia Soul, one of the company’s newest models, is at the center of this concert series (test drive one and you could possibly win a free pair of tickets to a private MGMT show on Sunday), music will be the star of the weekend. Artists like Wale, Dan Deacon and The Creepers will be gracing the Soul stage. Wale, most recently known as the in-house band for MTV’s Video Music Awards this Sunday, has been rapidly rising in popularity. A native of the District, Wale will be releasing his first full-length album this fall after a series of successful mixtapes.

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