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Students cheer, jeer Bowl in Tavern

More than 200 students gathered in the Tavern to watch Super Bowl XXXIX on a giant projector screen while eating free pizza and wings provided by the Residence Hall Association and The Gathering. However, after all the requisite excitement, some students expressed dissatisfaction.


Students voice concern at forum on dorm phones

Residence hall students aired their concerns over AU's fall 2005 policy that will require students to use cell phones for local and long distance calls at a forum in Letts Hall held by the Resident Hall Association. "Students stopped using [room phones] a long time ago," said Julie Weber, executive director of Housing and Dining.


Campus Brief: Anime Society hosts Uberfest

Last Friday the Anime Society, an AU student group, hosted its annual Uberfest, a 24-hour long event featuring free food, games and popular Anime movies. With more than 30 people in attendance, meeting everyone's demands was difficult, according to President Sonja Lenning. The movies chosen for viewing were selected from a broad category, ranging from adult content movies to family-oriented films.


Gamers say 'Halo'

More than 20 students gathered Saturday at a release party for the highly anticipated "Halo 2" Xbox game. AU Gamers hosted the event in a freestyle kill-or-be-killed format. Players were separated by two rooms in teams of eight. Cries of "I've got your back!" and "Run!" echoed throughout the night. "We shifted the people that sucked around to balance the teams and made sure everyone got a turn on the projectors," said Charles Olson, supreme commander of AU Gamers.


'Antigone' in academics, American Sign Language

Students auditioned for the play "Antigone" over the weekend, which will be partially performed in American Sign Language and will be produced by several professors. Valerie French, history professor and Andrea Tschemplik, philosophy professor aided in the translation and research of the play. Russel Williams, an Academy Award-winning professor, is creating a soundtrack. "Antigone" is the Greek tragedy about a woman named Antigone who goes against the king's orders to bury her brother.


Gay activists recount rights fight

In response to the same-sex marriage ban in 11 states, the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Ally Resource Center presented "Gay Pioneers," a film portraying the beginnings of the gay rights movement, on Wednesday night. Following the film, activists Frank Kameny and Lilli Vincenz addressed student questions.


Students encouraged to apply to med school

The College of Arts and Sciences held an information seminar for students interested in pre-med last Thursday in the Beeghley building. "I'm attending to see what scholarships are available and whether I'm heading in the right direction," said Heather Williams, a freshman in CAS. Students were encouraged to request information about medical school and to apply as soon as possible. They were also warned against using Advanced Placement credits in lieu of classes because not all medical schools would accept them. Throughout the evening, speakers gave advice and addressed concerns students had, most notably about financing a medical school education.


Higher learning and youth vote debated

The College Democrats, Libertarians and Republicans debated the problems with higher education, the PATRIOT Act and other issues as they related to students on Wednesday night in the Leonard Hall Chancery. Each political group selected one representative to speak at the debate, which about 15-20 students attended.


Gay marriage misunderstood

Guest columnist Khai Ha gives a fresh perspective on the debate over gay marriage that has raged in previous issues of The Eagle, and across the country.


Conference seeks partnerships

Representatives from six universities from Asia and the Americas discussed security, trade and culture at a conference between Thursday and Friday. The second annual Six University Conference sought to "strengthen partnerships and point the universities in a direction that could help their governments and countries," according to a press release.

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