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Czech election exposes corruption

After a few heart attacks, back-door dealing, some threats and six voting rounds, the Czech Republic re-elected its current president, Václav Klaus, Feb. 15. A parliamentary system governs the Czech Republic, so the president takes on the role as national representative for the country.


Starbucks in Prague evokes mixed emotions

Two weeks ago, while receiving my first official tour of Prague, my group witnessed what some would call a momentous occasion - the opening of the first Starbucks in the city. Of course, members of my group insisted on visiting the coffeehouse, which opened Jan.


Language barrier, hygiene prove difficult

One of the first things everyone tells you before you go abroad is to prepare for culture shock. As stereotypical as it sounds, it is very true. I have only been in Prague for a week, and it is all still setting in. The most difficult thing so far has been the language barrier, which speaks to the larger cultural difference between Czechs and Americans.


Douglas serves as acting secretary

Student Government President Joe Vidulich appointed Cait Douglas, one of his chiefs of staff, as acting secretary of the SG after Alex Manzanares, a sophomore in the School of Communication, resigned last week. "She's been doing a lot of publicity stuff for a lot of different departments," Vidulich said.


Former AU student faces prison sentence in drunk driving case

An AU student received a prison sentence after being charged last summer for driving while intoxicated and leaving the scene of an accident in Long Island. Sayed Khaled El-Waraky, 20, was sentenced in late August to 1 1/3 to four years in prison. Justice Joseph Calabrese sentenced El-Waraky and recommended he be held for the maximum amount of time allowed, according to Newsday, a Long Island and New York City newspaper.


Guide To: Daily Essentials in Tenleytown

Visiting and living in Washington are two totally different experiences. Now that you live here, you'll need to know where basic necessities are, instead of just tourist areas. Here's a quick rundown of practical stores in Tenleytown. 7-Eleven 4319 Wisconsin Ave.


Guide To: Things I Wish I'd Known Before Coming to D.C.

Before coming to college and when first arriving, freshmen are bombarded with advice from upperclassmen and administrators. Just in case you want some more advice, we compiled a simple list of things we wish we had known before coming to AU. You don't have to listen to us, but hey, we've been here longer than you, and we might just be on to something.


College Repubs pledge constitutional reforms

In light of recent questions about the leadership of the College Republicans, the club's executive board met April 11 with Kimberly Herrera, a staff member from Student Activities, and Bernie Schultz, the club's adviser in the Office of Campus Life, and have gone on the record in attempts to clear up confusion about the club's leadership and dues collection.


Speakers explore imprisoned mothers with children

When Tonie Rhones left for prison, her daughter was only 15 years old. When she got out 11 years later, Rhones' daughter was 26 and had two children of her own. While serving her sentence, Rhones did not see her daughter once. Now that she is out of jail, Rhones is working on re-establishing their relationship.


SG Vote: Your guide to Student Government elections

Today and tomorrow, AU students will able to elect Student Government executives electronically through their portals. This election, there are only two contested executive races: secretary and president. The executive hopefuls made appearances before various campus groups over the weekend to try and win their endorsements.

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