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SG Vote: Your guide to Student Government elections

Today and tomorrow, AU students will able to elect Student Government executives electronically through their portals. This election, there are only two contested executive races: secretary and president. The executive hopefuls made appearances before various campus groups over the weekend to try and win their endorsements.

As of print time on Sunday, Joe Vidulich (running for president) and Jeffrey Hanley (running uncontested for vice president) received endorsements from both the College Republicans and College Democrats.

The other contested position is for SG secretary, with candidates Alex Manzanares and Daiva MacKenzie running. The SG waived the 45-credit requirement for all SG executive positions to allow Manzanares to run, The Eagle previously reported. The College Democrats and College Republicans both endorsed Manzanares, and Queers and Allies endorsed only Manzanares out of all candidates running.

The SG also chose to waive the requirement that the comptroller completes certain finance courses prior to their term after David Teslicko promised he would enroll in those classes over the summer, The Eagle previously reported. The College Republicans and College Democrats both endorsed Teslicko.


A junior in the School of International Service

Platform guarantees "student income and the militarization of American"

If elected SG president, would work for free and distribute his $10,000 SG president stipend evenly among students so each would receive about $1.70

Wants AU to join in GoogleApps program instead of using Lotus Notes for e-mail

Would militarize AU because of rumors Georgetown has created "Hoyas of Mass Destruction" that, as he states, "could be delivered via Metro and detonated in the heart of Mary Graydon Center within 45 minutes."


A junior transfer student in the College of Arts and Sciences

Secretary of Phi Kappa Alpha fraternity

Resident assistant in Letts Hall

Wants to bridge gaps by strengthening tradition

Wants to start new traditions and re-initiate old ones, such as a freshman beanie day

Platform based on student outreach

Wants to have a better recycling program in the dorms

Wants to refurbish library and dorm study spaces


A junior in the School of Public Affairs

Blue Crew president; previously served as chair of the Judicial Board

Campaigns promises include ensuring a better quality of campus life and a better education

Wants to open a Women's Resource Center

Wants to expand the number of vendors accepting Eaglebucks

Advocates for better student lounges

Wants to work with Eco-Sense's Bikes and Biodiesel initiative

Hopes to "work with the Faculty Senate to end the bookstore's monopoly"

Wants to make all required textbooks available on reserve in the library

Hopes to change Eagle's Nest hours



A sophomore in the School of Public Affairs

President of Resident Hall Association

Running on a platform of centralizing programming funds

Hopes for greater co-sponsorship of major events such as Spring Fling

Wants to make textbooks more affordable

Wants to have every required text on reserve in the library

Wants the bookstore to release ISB numbers earlier so students can find the cheapest possibility

Wants to upgrade the SG Web site and have open houses for executive members


A junior in the College of Arts and Sciences

The only female running for an executive position

Resident assistant in Anderson Hall

Secretary of AU's gospel choir, involved in Alpha Nu Omega

Wants to improve public relations on campus and in the surrounding community

Wants to improve communication between clubs and advocate for underrepresented groups in the AUCC

Wants to make the SG Web site easier to navigate


A freshman in the School of Communication

Involved in Office of Multicultural Affairs and the GLBTA Resource Center

Running on a platform with the acronym "E.A.S.Y.," which stands for Enthusiasm, Access, Structure, You

Wants the and sites more accessible and easier to use

Wants to increase school pride through AU spirit days

Wants greater SG transparency and to provide public access to policies and senators' contact information

Wants to look into a Google partnership

Wants to make the SG Web site more interactive and have an anonymous wall discussion

Wants to boost ATV and electronic media



A sophomore in the School of International Service

Has been AUTO commissioner for the past year-and-a-half

Plans to "review our programming and target the funds that we have toward programs that have been successful in the past and encourage further coordination to improve them while boosting turnout"

Wants to expand services such as a bike lease program and affordable student storage service

Wants to help reform the AUCC to make it clearer as to how money is allocated

Wants to bring clubs together so they are not competing against each other

Wants to make SG by-laws clearer

Wants to make SG executives more available and accountable

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