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Promising young stars mean hope for baseball

LONDON - I know that summer officially starts on June 21, but for all intents and purposes, summer officially started last night when Mark Buerhle threw the first pitch of the season to Grady Sizemore. It may seem that baseball is heading into a season of turmoil off the field as it tries to deal with a decade of overlooking steroids in the game.


Something was missing on this Super Sunday

A few years ago I played in an indoor soccer league where my games were on Sunday nights during the winter. As I gazed at my schedule when it was passed out at the end of a team practice, I noticed one of our games was on Martin Luther King Day. I asked a friend why we weren't playing the game on the previous Sunday, to which he replied, "Come on man, that's Super Bowl Sunday.


In London, a high price for food and football

I needed a break. I had been in England for a week and a half and I needed a respite. I wasn't experiencing major culture shock, it was just that the little differences between London and D.C. were starting to get to me. The buses here run on time, the cars drive on the wrong side of the road, and the birds chirp at all hours of the night (there's nothing more unnerving then being woken up at 3 a.


Big man on campus vs. the big Safeway spender

All in all, 2005 has been a great sports year, especially since the semester started in August. It's been so good, in fact, that I've put together a little award ceremony to honor it, as I hand out the First Annual Beanies. Man of the Year: Reggie Bush, Southrn California.


Carlstrom saves best for last NCAAs

In all sports, there's the myth of going out on top. Nov. 21 at the NCAA Cross Country Championships in Terra Haute, Ind., AU senior Keira Carlstrom did that in her own way, "It was kind of an emotional race being my last cross country race of my college career.


'Halo?' or headstands for hoops?

It's almost that time. The squeak of shoes on the hardwood, the sounds of a blaring pep band, the catcalls of "AIIIIRRRBBAAALLLLL" after a missed shot, and the yells of drunken college students screaming at opposing players, all point to one thing: College basketball is back.


Today, the sweet science has gone sour

I have a basic premise about humans. People love to see people beat the "Bejesus" out of each other. It's biological, like our need to breathe oxygen, or our hatred of any Weezer CD after "Pinkerton." Think about it. When you were in high school, did anyone ever yell "Someone's doing homework!" causing everyone to stand on their lunch tables to peer at the guy finishing chemistry for next period? No.


Don't forget to give me my IM T-shirt

Championships are not always won in packed stadiums or sold-out arenas. Sometimes they can be won in empty gyms, where the only fan is a house mate waiting for a ride home, the refs want the game to be over with so they can finish their homework, and the prize is not a trophy or a check, but a T-shirt.


Ditch the Betamax, BCS

JORDAN BEANE Right now there are six college football teams in the top 25. Six. Surely not all of them will make it through the season with an unblemished record, but I'm certainly pulling for it. Anything to mess with the creators of the Bowl Championship Series is fine by me.

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