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Dating with an expiration date can spark mixed emotions

Graduation is creeping up like the bogie man from my childhood closet, and with graduation comes both freedom and fear of entry into the "real world." As I prepare to say goodbye to the wild memories, and AU's very own "Cheers," a.k.a. the Market Place, I have to bid farewell to the current men in my life as well.


The Art of the Female Orgasm: What You Need to Know

While chatting with my girlfriends at Georgetown's swank Mie N Yu, I soon discovered that orgasms had become a rarity, along with nice guys and good Chinese take-out. I was shocked, and I was saddened for my girlfriends who were missing out on sex's grand finale: the orgasm.


A survivor speaks out: the story of my date rape

It's the first night out on the town, second semester of my senior year of college. We are huddled in our favorite dive bar, Coronas in hand, Guns N' Roses blaring in the background - my eye spots a recognizable face at the door, suddenly my face turns red, my body turns cold.


Former flame provides insight on why men are impossible

As a sorority girl who is so much more, I have searched far and wide for my fraternity prince. But after my freshman year, dating a senior frat king, I learned quickly that age is just a number, but the frat boy lives on forever. While I have avoided AU's Greek princes, I have discovered a fraternity king hidden in the soul of most men I meet.


Sex talk 101: Which juicy details should parents digest?

Whenever I meet a reader, the second question they ask me after how much sex it takes to be a sex columnist, is what your parents think... Well my ultra-liberal mom and dad are devout readers of my sex column. They sometimes cringe, turn red, sweat profusely and want to call my sister (the rabbi) to reform me immediately after reading, but they are still loyal readers.


Late-breaking news: Women actually enjoy sex

I have shocking news you may want to sit down for: Women like sex, too. Yes, I know, you are suddenly feeling faint; but as crazy as it sounds, women are sexual creatures who also love to get laid. Many men seem to be under the impression that men like sex and women have it in order to catch and keep a man, but in fact, the majority of women love sex.


Student yearns for teacher's dirty looks

Flipping channels between "The OC" and VH1's "The Fabulous Life," I stumbled upon yet another scandalous tale of a teacher behind bars for having sex with a student. The camera cut to Pamela Turner, 27, an elementary school teacher from Tennessee who was charged with having sex with a 13-year-old student at his home and at school.


The lost art of making out

I knew I wasn't going to sleep with him. Why? Because I liked him. It was date three with my beer-chugging environmentalist and so far I was impressed. I had taken him bowling, he had taken me to dinner and while I was fantasizing about getting him naked, he also made me laugh.


Fast-food romance

We want it hot and ready to order whenever we are having a craving. Sex, that is. And yes, we want a shake with that, too. As a fast-food nation, have we become so enveloped in our own lives, in our super-sized careers and souped-up cars that we have let dating become something that only comes in a very select few Happy Meals.


The power of porn

The first time I watched a porno I was 12. It was called "Love Boat." The clinching line came from an overweight man in his mid-30s, sporting a blond mullet and beer belly, who proclaimed, "My name is 'Trumpet,' now blow me..." and suddenly a 20-year-old blonde bombshell drops to her knees and goes to town.

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