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Letter from the editor: keep an open mind

Dear American University Freshmen, Welcome to AU. Over the next four years you spend at AU or, perhaps, another institution, you will have the opportunity to truly grow into the person you wish to be. If you grow correctly, you will be well prepared to enter the world and contribute. If you grow wrong, you will have wasted time and money. The choice is yours alone. Professors, parents and guidance counselors cannot make you work harder, attend classes, do your reading or study for your tests. They cannot make you get internships or jobs in the city, and they cannot make jungle juice-induced hangovers disappear on Wednesday morning.


AU’s baseball-deprived start club

When Ryan Morton thinks about baseball, thoughts of old Yankee Stadium fill his head. His father had season tickets and they would trek from New Jersey to the storied stadium at least 20 times a year.


Board of Elections throws Habash off ballot for the second time

Student Government presidential candidate Nirvana Habash was again thrown off the ballot after the Board of Elections voted that she had violated the rules and did deserve to be taken off the ballot. However, Habash can still campaign and will run as a write-in candidate. She can also appeal the decision to the Judicial Board. • Earlier: Habash to defend her campaign’s action


Habash to defend her campaign’s action

While the SG Judicial Board ruled early Thursday morning that SG presidential candidate Nirvana Habash did indeed violate campaign rules, Habash may meet with the Board of Elections sometime Thursday — and could overturn her violation. The BOE suggested disqualifying Habash Wednesday morning in response to e-mails sent out in connection with her campaign that violated regulations for the candidates.


AU student seeks ANC seat

SPA sophomore Sami Green is running for a spot on the Advisory Neighborhood Commission 3D07 for the fourth time in her two years here at AU. With only 27 voters in the district, getting enough signatures has been Green’s downfall. On the commission, Green would consider issues like liquor licenses and zoning laws.

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