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Sunday, June 23, 2024
The Eagle

A final note from The Eagle’s graduating editor in chief

I’ve heard I’m supposed to feel nostalgic about graduating from college. Well, other than a deep and undeniable longing for a few more swipes into Tenley Café and a few more games of Apples to Apples in Anderson Terrace, I’m feeling pretty good.

With that in mind, I’d like to offer my thanks to those who helped me through my time here at AU (in no particular order):

Jen Calantone: Thanks for your support, friendship and guidance these last few years. You are the rock that my journalism career will be built off.

Ethan Klapper: Thanks for sticking by us when things were tough. I can’t wait until you’re really successful and I get to tell people, “I knew him when, and yeah, he is that smart.”

Stef Dazio: The best news editor and friend I could have asked for. Thanks for making me make you delicious burritos.

Lindsey Anderson: Thanks for taking over. I (and all past editors) feel confident knowing that our baby is in good hands.

Meg Fowler, Sarah Parnass, Julia Ryan: The original newsies! My favorite days were spent huddled with y’all (h/t Meg) in our little newsie corner.

Professor Perri: Thanks for being there when I needed you, and thanks for finding me a designer! Most of all, thanks for letting me make my own mistakes.

Professor Hall: Thanks for helping me through the beginning of my career in journalism. It’s rare to find professors that actually care about their students. Thanks for actually caring about me.

Professor Crowe: Thanks for teaching me how to actually use a comma and for ripping my carefully constructed newspaper to shreds once a week. Finding an honest opinion nowadays ain’t easy.

Andrew Pergam: Thanks for all your help with the College Daybreak and thanks for reading my “iPad manifesto.” I look forward to keeping in touch.

The Eagle staff: There have been too many of you over the last three years to thank individually. Overall, I’ve never met a group of more dedicated, talented people. You have been my coworkers and my friends.

David Taylor: Thanks for letting Eagle staff e-mail and call you at all hours. You’re a superstar in The Eagle office. (Don’t tell them that I told you).

Gail Hanson, Fanta Aw, Michael Elmore: Thanks for … too many things to count.

Alicia Rodrigues: Thanks for being there through thick and thin. I know I didn’t do much to make your life any easier. Thanks for never making me feel like I should feel bad about that. You’re the best friend a new EIC could have asked for. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you over the last two years.

Karen Gerlach, Candace Marsh, Andrew Toczydlowski: Thanks for your help in getting The Eagle squared away for another 85 years! I appreciated your support more than I let on.

Tony from ChesPub: I always knew I had a friend to call at the end of a long production night.

Marc Tomik: Thanks for being an honest advocate for The Eagle. You brightened up Eagle staff’s day whenever you stopped by to say hello. You, sir, are also an Eagle superstar.

Professors David Lublin, Allison Comins-Richmond, Alan Levine, Michael Keynes, Simon Nicholson, Matthew Swibel, Richard Benedetto: You are all, by far, the best professors I’ve had at AU. When I think back to my best days here, I will think of my time in your classes.

Kristen ‘Wallie’ Walling: Best RA ever. Your whole floor still misses you!

Camille Lepre and Maralee Csellar: Thanks for working with us. Whenever a reporter would get in a jam, we felt confident saying “call Camille/Maralee!” So, I suppose apologies are in order too …

My mother, father and brother: I am, absolutely, the luckiest person in the whole world. I’m not going to get all sappy or anything, but without your guidance and support these last four years, I would probably be … back at home. So, Mom, don’t raise your sons so well if you want to keep them home.

Dad, thanks for the pep talks when things went sour. Tom, thanks for letting me yell at you like a maniac after that front-page typo last fall. I love you all!

Well, now I’m feeling nostalgic. More than 700 words of “thanks” and inside jokes don’t exactly make good copy, so, Lindsey, I’m sorry. I’m also sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone.

Love, Charlie Szold Former editor in chief, The Eagle

Senior, School of Communication

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