Balkis Awan



Students find home is where the art is

Fall break (one extra day off, woo!) is over. For some, it was a chance to see family after being separated for about two months; for others who chose to stay on campus, it was no different than any other weekend in the District.


Find art gem hidden in D.C. at NatGeo

A lot comes to mind when the name “National Geographic” is said. For starters, how about the magazine? Or perhaps the channel, full of interesting shows such as “Locked Up Abroad” or “The Dog Whisperer.” Many, however, wouldn’t even think of the National Geographic Museum, located right here in D.C.


New opportunities redefine art

Art is not dead! Whether in the world, in America or right here at AU, art is progressing every minute because no one is doing the exact same thing (and if they are, you can be sure that someone is out there blogging about it and explaining). Art is all around us, so why not talk about it?

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