Ashley Bleimes



Soup kitchen thrives

A soup kitchen hardly seems like the place to find children clawing at pastries while adults chat and make new friends. But at Martha's Table, everyone from squealing children to serious professionals chip in to prepare food for the homeless.


Alum protests drug war in court

An AU alumnus is making waves with his stance against the drug war by being held in contempt of court until he agrees to serve jury duty, officials said. Alumnus David Guard refused to serve jury duty in 2003 based on his anti-drug war stance.


Love thy neighbor

While people who live in the same neighborhood as colleges often complain about living near students, AU's neighbors seem to have less of a problem.


Church welcomes GLBT

The Metropolitan Community Church of Washington is sponsoring a weekend of community activities for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students who are looking for God or just an accepting group of peers.

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