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Michigan votes down affirmative action

Michigan voters banned affirmative action on Nov. 7, but AU continues to use affirmative action to diversify its campus. With a 58 percent majority in favor of the proposal, called Michigan's Civil Rights Initiative, Michigan now does not consider the affirmative action policy for admission in state institutions, according to The Chronicle for Higher Education.


Sex health education lacking at AU

The recently released Trojan Sexual Health Report Card conducted a nationwide survey on sexual education at various colleges. While AU was not selected as one of the schools surveyed, the report brings attention to sex and sexual health awareness at AU. The score was based on criteria that included an informative Web site on sex health awareness, condom and contraceptive advice and availability on campus, HIV and STD testing, sexual assault counseling services and advice columns for sexual issues or relationships.


SG plans non-stop shuttle pilot program

To remedy problems presented to both the Student Government and the administration, AU shuttle buses will run on a trial system of non-stop service starting Nov. 21 as part of the Transportation Service Pilot Program, according to Seth Cutter, Senator of the Class of 2010 and sponsor of the Undergraduate Senate legislation which created the program.


Chinese less efficient in comparison to foreign

In China, foreign firms are more successful and dominant than domestic firms, according to Douglas Fuller, assistant professor in the School of International Service, at a forum Wednesday. The forum emphasized the rise of globalization and its impact in Chinese industry, which is currently experiencing a technological upgrade comprising both technological learning and innovation through foreign firms.


Aramark staffers feel disrespected

Many Aramark staff members say students this year have worse manners compared to students of previous years and express frustration over some students' inconsideration and lack of etiquette. At the same time, the campus as a whole is reaching out to build stronger relationships with Aramark staff.


AU joins effort to enhance dorm amenities

Colleges across the nation, including AU, are implementing upscale and elite housing to generate a classy college lifestyle by adding everything from free Internet and cable access, TV lobby lounges with full kitchens and enhanced comforts like mattress pads, microwaves and refrigerators.

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