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Club Feature: The Sikh Student Association is forming community without focusing on numbers

(04/10/21 7:17pm)

Nikki Randhawa and Simrnjit Seerha met outside their freshmen dorm halls in their first year at American University. Seerha dropped her One Card and Randhawa picked it up for her. They began talking and found out they shared a cultural and religious identity; they are both part of the small Sikh student population at AU. 

The best pizza around campus

(03/07/21 6:06pm)

Pizza is a staple in almost every college student’s diet, and American University students are no exception. But what makes pizza so special? In order to find the best pizza close to campus, we decided to test the slices on a certain set of criteria: the sauce-to-cheese ratio, whether the pizza was worth the price, the crust, overall flavors of the pie and several other factors. Overall atmosphere of the restaurant was not included in our consideration of the pizzas because we solely wanted to rate these places off of the quality of the pizza. 

AU’s Humanities Truck brings food to DC communities

(11/23/20 3:41pm)

Once a week, American University College of Arts and Sciences professor and Humanities Truck fellow Ludy Grandas loads up the Humanities Truck — modeled after a food truck but typically used for mobile humanities exhibits — with free food to bring to D.C.’s day laborer community. She meets them at a Home Depot in Northeast D.C.

BREAKING: AU announces spring semester will have some in-person classes, limited housing

(10/26/20 2:51pm)

American University is adjusting to a hybrid curriculum for the spring semester, although the majority of classes will remain online, due to the trajectory of the coronavirus and lessons learned at other schools in recent months, the University announced on its website on Monday. 

Scenes that Stick: Friendship and falling out in ‘Frances Ha’

(08/10/20 12:50am)

Scenes can epitomize a feeling in a way that sits with the viewer for what seems like forever. Especially during these pandemic quarantines, we are left to ponder around our spaces all day, reliving the most awkward and disappointing moments of our lives. These ponderments too often include remembering those we have pictures with but do not see anymore. Friends from high school, friends from orientation week and friends from months ago with whom we’ve fallen out or simply just forgotten to reach out to. 

D.C. local Mary Blackford plans to bring fresh food and opportunity to residents

(07/27/20 11:15am)

In 2017, Mary Blackford along with a few friends and volunteers were given a dilapidated building to house their food market pop-up in Ward 7, the southeast area of the District. They fixed up the building, added a mural and kept the pop-up going through the summer with 10 local food vendors.

Here are some must-see theaters in the District for all students

(06/25/20 2:02am)

While D.C. is a well-known hub for politics and businesses, the District has an alive and thriving theater scene as well. While the coronavirus pandemic is still preventing theatres in D.C. from opening to their full capacity, students who are coming to D.C. for the first time or who are just entering the theater scene, should check out these venues as soon as they’re back to their original programming. Or, if you just cannot wait, log into their virtual summer programming.

D.C.’s thrift scene offers quality additions to your wardrobe for less

(09/19/19 8:20pm)

D.C. is an expensive city, but it doesn’t always have to be. Students seeking more for their closet at a smaller price tag have options across the city. Whether you’re looking for blazers for an internship or cute sneakers for every day, there’s always an affordable place to stop and sustainably shop for your clothing needs. For those wondering where to go for affordable clothing, look no further than the District’s secondhand scene, starting with these seven stores. 

Fall semester ushers in a new wave of on-campus foods

(08/29/19 11:35am)

Last semester, all the food news was flooded with talk of a new service provider and what they would be bringing to the table. Now, as students await the fall semester, the talk of new food options on campus, brought in by Chartwells, has come into focus. Here are all the new places coming to campus for students to plan their meals around.

D.C. ice creameries serve refreshing deals for National Ice Cream Day

(07/20/19 9:04pm)

Summer days in D.C. can get unbearably hot and humid, but luckily National Ice Cream Day allows those spending their summer in the District to cool down in the sweetest way. National Ice Cream Day is July 21, and regardless of whether you were ready for it or not, the District’s ice cream shops are geared up with the best deals and promotions. Whether you’re an ice cream enthusiast or just a sweaty intern with a hankering for a dessert to cool you down, here are the best places to spend your National Ice Cream Day.