D.C.’s thrift scene offers quality additions to your wardrobe for less

Fulfill your fall style needs with these seven thrift stores

D.C.’s thrift scene offers quality additions to your wardrobe for less
St. Alban's Opportunity Thrift Shop on Wisconsin Avenue

D.C. is an expensive city, but it doesn’t always have to be. Students seeking more for their closet at a smaller price tag have options across the city. Whether you’re looking for blazers for an internship or cute sneakers for every day, there’s always an affordable place to stop and sustainably shop for your clothing needs. For those wondering where to go for affordable clothing, look no further than the District’s secondhand scene, starting with these seven stores. 

St. Alban’s Opportunity Shop

St. Alban’s Opportunity Shop is one of the closest thrift shops to American University, and it is also one of the most affordable shops in the District. At the Op Shop, you can find clothing in great condition for low prices, fun and interesting household goods, a wide selection of books and even some board games. The men and women’s sections feature business casual clothing and basic closet essentials, but it is not overwhelming. Since they don’t stuff their racks at the Op Shop, the content of the store rotates on a regular basis. 

The Op Shop also ensures that your money goes to good use. All the clothes and household goods at the Op Shop are donated, and the proceeds from purchases go back into helping community members. It is run by volunteers and  regularly accepts donations of all kinds.

The Op Shop is located on Wisconsin Avenue next to the National Cathedral. It is a 30-minute walk from Tenleytown, and also accessible by any of the 30 buses. 

Rosario 3x10 Tienda

For those looking to get the cheapest clothing in the DMV, Rosario 3x10 Tienda is a great place to start. This thrift store is small and stuffed to the brim with used clothes in good condition from all over the District. Its selection is not centered on name brands or designer clothing. Instead, 3x10 is the best place to go for wardrobe essentials that are fun and affordable. 

The best part about 3x10 is the fact that, for most of the clothes in the store, you can get three items for only $10. Most of the clothes are marked with a specific tag that identifies it as part of the deal. 

3x10 is located in Columbia Heights. It is a 10-minute walk from the Columbia Heights metro stop on the Yellow Line. 

Rosario Frugalista

Rosario Frugalista is under the same ownership as 3x10, but it can serve a much different function in your thrifting spree. While 3x10 allows you to get the most out of your dollar, Frugalista pushes you to get the most out of your clothes. 

With prices that only slightly exceed your average thrift shop, Frugalista offers name brands for women and men looking to improve the quality of their wardrobe or find new interview-ready clothes at an affordable price. It has a variety of business casual clothing options, including blazers, belts, slacks and blouses.

Frugalista is located in Columbia Heights. It is a six-minute walk from the Columbia Heights metro station on the Yellow Line. 

Georgia Ave. Thrifty’s Thrift Store

For those not looking for any item in particular, Georgia Ave. Thrifty’s Thrift Store will allow you to thrift until you find something you never knew you needed. Georgia Ave. Thrifty’s Thrift Store is the best place to go for a one-stop thrifting day. It has everything from bedding to business casual clothing to CDs. It’s a great place to stop for both cheap gifts and affordable clothes of all kinds. 

At Georgia Ave. Thrifty’s Thrift Store, the condition of the clothes you will find can vary. Some are lightly used, while others have evidently been worn, but this store will always have at least one item that has been on your radar. 

Georgia Ave. Thrifty’s Thrift Store is not accessible by Metro train. It is about a 20-minute drive from the AU-Tenleytown Metro station, or it can be reached by train and bus. 


Remix offers a combination of new and old clothes that are great for men and women. Remix features some fresh D.C.-themed t-shirts and fun jewelry alongside their selection of lightly used second-hand clothes. The store often features brands such as Free People and American Eagle for much lower prices. Remix also has a wide selection of shoes and coats.

This store doesn’t have an overload of clothes. Instead, its small selection often rotates and keeps shoppers from being overwhelmed. The store also buys clothes from people looking to sell old or new items that don’t fit their style anymore. 

Remix is located in Bethesda on Wisconsin Avenue. It is a six-minute walk from the Bethesda Metro stop on the Red Line. 

Montgomery County Thrift Shop

Montgomery County Thrift Shop is a small shop tucked away on Wisconsin Avenue, but its selection is large and covers a range of different clothes, accessories and items. This thrift shop is a nonprofit organization run almost entirely by a team of volunteers. It is often overstocked, which can be both overwhelming and exciting. For those looking to spend time going through racks of clothing and shelves of antiques, this is the spot for you. 

Montgomery County Thrift Shop is great for those seeking cheap, basic clothes and home items. The store features apartment essentials such as plates, cups and picture frames, as well as knick-knacks that are perfect for decor. It also has a good selection of costumes and shoes throughout the year. 

Make sure to stop by on Sundays when most of their items are sold for half off.

Montgomery County Thrift Shop is located in Bethesda on Wisconsin Avenue. It is a five-minute walk from the Bethesda Metro stop on the Red Line. 

Buffalo Exchange

If you’re looking for name brands at a lower price, then Buffalo Exchange is the perfect stop for your thrift outing. It’s easy to get to from AU’s campus and has a wide variety of clothes and costumes for frequenters to take advantage of. Its supply is always high quality, and its racks are rarely ever dwindling in volume.

Buffalo Exchange also buys clothes from those who are looking to get rid of a few items and who have grown tired of using Facebook Marketplace. The buyers from the store have high standards for the clothes they buy from sellers, but they also do not make you wait to get paid; you can get your money before your clothes leave their shelves. 

Buffalo Exchange is located on 14th Street between N Street and Rhode Island Ave. It’s about a 14-minute walk from the Farragut North Metro Station on the Red Line. 


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