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It's game time

(02/04/18 3:06pm)

Whether you’re rooting for the Patriots, Eagles, or even Justin Timberlake, this year’s Super Bowl is sure to be fun for everyone. It’s an evening filled with football, finger food and most of all, friends or family. Whether you’re calling your mom to smack talk the other team or giving your buds chest bumps after your team scores a touchdown, there’s something about the thrill of people coming together for a night of football that can get even the least sports fans excited. If you’re thinking about watching the game but don’t have time to play host, these sports bars around the District have got you covered, with great food and even greater company.

Five ab workouts to switch up your basic crunch routine

(08/29/17 2:31pm)

Summer--and swimsuit season--is coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean you have to kiss your summer-body goals goodbye.  Exercise is about more than just looking great; it’s about feeling great, too, says James Davis, an exercise physiologist and certified personal trainer at the Navicent Health Wellness Center in Macon, Georgia. Below, Davis shares the perfect ab workouts to get you back in the zone.

Brunch and breakfast bites around the world

(08/03/17 4:18pm)

Brunch is one of the most important meals of the day. It’s perfect for when you get a chance to sleep in on weekends, while also giving you the option to eat breakfast or lunch by noon. Different countries around the world have dishes that may be more unique or similar to typical brunch meals in the U.S. Whether you prefer to have your first meal in the early morning and call it “breakfast,” or later in the day and call it “brunch,” read below for how countries around the world brunch and where you can find similar dishes in D.C.

Where to find athletic wear in D.C.

(06/01/17 4:38pm)

Wearing the proper athletic gear is important when it comes to safe and efficient exercising. Sometimes that means having a lucky pair of running shoes or the right pants that are sure to let your thighs breathe, keeping the sweat down there to a minimum. If you manage to look a little fashionable while doing it, it’s a plus! Whether you’re willing to go all out with the big athletic brands or you are looking for something simple that you can find locally in D.C., we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of some places to look during your next athletic wear hunt.

Discover DC’s best dessert food trucks

(04/20/17 9:06pm)

Ah, spring, the time of year that brings the end of Lent, which marks the time of year that brings an end to Lenten fasts and where people around the world celebrate Easter. For me, it marks the end of my junk food fast. And what better way to celebrate than to go all all out and find the best desserts around D.C.? Here’s a list of some of the best dessert food trucks around the District that’s sure to get you started.