Review: AUSG SUB's AmFest 2017

Weather pulled the plug on headliner’s performance

Review: AUSG SUB's AmFest 2017

What started as a beautiful day to listen to live music at AU Student Union Board’s AmFest ended suddenly when thunderstorms forced headliner Manila Killa’s performance to be cut short around 10:20 p.m. The second annual arts and music festival, held on April 15, had originally been scheduled to run from 2:30 to 11 p.m.

Fortunately, acts that performed earlier in the day went uninterrupted, including performances by AU a capella group Pitches Be Trippin and Loco Marino, an international folk duo from Richmond, Virginia. Crowds were dispersed throughout the day, laying on blankets with friends while soaking up the sun and positive vibes. Overall, it was hardly ever crowded, making it that much easier to relax and enjoy the performances.

Other acts included 94Forever, Lavender, Calm & Crisis, the Duskwhales and Dupont Brass. In addition to Manila Killa, local rapper Ace Cosgrove took the stage, transferring his energy to the crowd while gentle rain fell as a backdrop. If anything, the stormy weather was able to give him a greater stage presence that only strengthened what he provided with his fresh beats. 

The entire festival was led by School of Communication sophomore Calkidan Fisseha, who was able to maintain a cool yet upbeat vibe throughout the day, giving audience members something to look forward to during every transition between the various acts. 

It was nice to be able to have a variety of musical acts during throughout the event, showcasing different genres of on and off campus talent. While there could have been more performances from students on campus to truly focus a spotlight on AU’s talent, it remained true that the event was able to establish a connection between the university and the local community. 

AmFest hopes to continue showcasing on campus talent in order to provide a more community feel to AU. Clubs have the opportunity to submit performance groups to sponsor at the event earlier in the semester, creating a connection between the student body and local talent. The AU Student Government and Student Union Board hope to attract even bigger acts in the coming years as the event becomes more well-known and popular.

I have hopes that as the event continues to grow in coming years, and that there will be a sea of people crowded around to see an even bigger headliner take the stage so that the day is filled with more than those chill, gentle vibes that occupied the space. That said, I’ll be keeping my eyes open this time next year for the third annual SUB event, and hope it will bring more performances and less thunder and lightning.

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