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Op-ed: I am voting for Valentina Fernández and you should, too.

(04/04/18 6:30pm)

This year has not been a traditional election year for AU. Late this spring semester, the student body elected me as student government president. I was elected with 63 days to get things done, and I am proud to say that we have accomplished a lot in such a short period of time. However, if there’s anything I learned during my short period as your SG President, it is that progress takes hard work, commitment and passion. That’s why I am voting for Valentina Fernández in this election.

At debate and town hall, presidential candidates address diversity, improving relationship with AU police

(04/04/18 2:05am)

At a debate and town hall hosted by ATV Monday night, the student government presidential candidates presented their ideas on diversity, inclusion and improving communication between AU police and students, in addition to other topics.

Op-ed: Always on duty: Valentina for student government president

(04/03/18 7:30pm)

Student government voting opens tomorrow, and as resident assistants, we demand a student government president that supports our community. We understand the importance of community building, selflessness and supporting each other in our communities. We also experience the challenges that come with being a student worker.

Meet your 2018-2019 AUSG candidates

(04/02/18 9:08pm)

Meet the candidates running for the 2018-2019 student government executive board. The candidates and their campaign Facebook pages or websites are listed below in alphabetical order. Voting begins on Wednesday, April 4 at noon and ends on Friday, April 6 at noon, the day the winners will be announced. Students can vote through a link in their AU portal and can read more about how to vote here.

AU to host National Collegiate Taekwondo Association Championships

(04/02/18 3:19pm)

American University will host the 43rd National Collegiate Taekwondo Association (NCTA) Championships in Bender Arena the weekend of April 6-8. AU earned the right to host the tournament after the volunteer coaches, Miyako Yerick and Masters Richard-Duane Chambers and Ryan Huang, from the AU Taekwondo Club submitted a bid on behalf of the school. 

Civil rights leaders address voting rights, mass incarceration at WCL event

(03/30/18 3:00pm)

At the Washington College of Law’s event “The Long Road,” civil rights leaders engaged in a conversation designed to bring awareness of the historical and present adversities many black Americans have dealt with across America for over 200 years, Kendra Brown, Washington College of Law’s director of diversity, inclusion and affinity, said.

How raising the minimum wage hurts those it intends to help

(03/30/18 2:10pm)

Generally, the argument for a higher minimum wage bases itself upon the conceptualized moral high ground that businesses are exploitative and must be coerced in order to pay a fair wage to their employees. At the argument’s core, minimum wage advocates intend to foster higher wages especially for minority communities and the poor. Unfortunately for these previously stated groups, the contrary is true. I do not doubt any of the compassionate intentions of those in support of raising the minimum wage. Rather, I disagree with the claim that this policy will actually help those it intends to.