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If the government won’t lead on climate change, AU can

(12/10/17 2:00pm)

In the past year, we have seen hurricanes and earthquakes take the lives of people from all over the world. What significant change in policy has the U.S. made regarding these ever increasing concerns? The answer: pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement, defunding federal programs for climate regulations and claiming science is fake.

AU doesn’t give students adequate opportunities to explore different areas of study

(12/07/17 8:46pm)

The “liberal arts experience” draws students to colleges and universities across the country. Small classrooms, where students know each other and professors have discussions on various subjects, is the quintessential image of what the college experience should be like for many incoming students, whether or not the school is technically labeled as a liberal arts school.

Preview: Rude Mechanicals’ ‘Shakespeare Is A White Supremacist’ takes original, racial twist on the Bard

(12/07/17 8:42pm)

It’s Tuesday, Dec. 5, and MGC 4 has been transformed into a performance space by Rude Mechanicals. As tech rehearsal begins, flowers are scattered across the floor, seven chairs are in a circle and actress Cat Ashley sits center stage. The other actors enter the space one by one, and eventually they all come together to do warmups, in front of the audience. They transition into the first scene, in an audition room, and at first it seems like it’s just another audition. But it soon becomes clear that this isn’t an audition, rehearsal process or performance like any other, just like the development of the show itself. This is “Shakespeare Is A White Supremacist.”

Women’s basketball wins their second home game of the season

(12/06/17 4:18pm)

The women’s basketball team won 78-72 in an overtime face-off against Youngstown State Saturday in Bender Arena. The game had a razor-thin scoring margin throughout all four quarters. The teams struggled to separate themselves in five minutes of overtime. After junior forward Cecily Carl’s free throw 20 seconds into overtime, AU kept the lead for the remainder of the overtime period, allowing them to come away victorious from the constant battle.

How ‘Stranger Things’ is making scientific curiosity cool

(12/04/17 2:00pm)

I’m a huge fan of Netflix’s smash hit show, “Stranger Things.” Nearly everyone I interact with on campus has binged watched the second season since its recent premiere. I consider myself a proud member of the majority on this. Director Duffer Brother’s usage of 80’s tropes, music and hair products (see Steve Harrington’s Farah Fawcett spray) bring forth a nostalgia for a time I never even lived through. The show references some of the great eighties sci fi films, from “Ghostbusters” and “ET” to “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” and “Dazed and Confused.” There are plenty of non-sci fi references too, with nods to John Hughes’ "The Breakfast Club" and Howard Deutch’s "Pretty in Pink".

Investigation shows Burwell’s chief of staff pick interfered in University of California audit

(12/01/17 8:28pm)

University President Sylvia Burwell is standing behind her choice for chief of staff, Seth Grossman, after he and a colleague were found to have interfered with a California state audit into the office of his previous boss, University of California President Janet Napolitano. Grossman is set to start at AU on Dec. 4.

Letter from the managing editor of Life

(12/01/17 3:42pm)

Time and time again, I’ve run into the issue of what to cover in “Off Campus,” a subsection of Life. As the section’s editor last semester, I struggled to get coverage other than the occasional festival and the weekly Life After Hours, the section’s roundup of weekend events. This semester, I assumed the role of managing editor and one of my goals was to help evolve the section so that a lack of content was no longer an issue.