With spring semester class registration around the corner, explore AU’s fitness classes

From dance improvisation to fencing, there are plenty of exercise classes to choose from

With spring semester class registration around the corner, explore AU’s fitness classes

Given American University’s stellar reputation for academics, it’s easy to forget that AU offers a variety of fitness classes as well. These courses help students set goals to improve their fitness, as well as provide a physical outlet for stress management.

An assortment of fitness courses will be available for students to take in the spring 2023 semester. AU offers classes with a range of credit options that students can register for, even with a busier academic schedule. 

HFIT-140: Beginning Fencing

If students want to try something new, they might consider HFIT-140: Beginning Fencing. The course provides students with basic technique and history of the sport. Alongside its academic features, Beginning Fencing also improves physical fitness, mental skill and gives insight into various cultures.

DNCE-114: Dance Improvisation

Students who are looking to escape their rigorous academic atmosphere and foster their own creativity should consider DNCE-114: Dance Improvisation. The course is designed to give students an introduction to the basics and theories of improvisation. Dance Improvisation encourages a sense of individuality but also emphasizes partner and group work throughout its curriculum, making it the perfect fit for creative students this spring.

HFIT-180: Tennis

For both experienced students and beginners, HFIT-180: Tennis is a good single credit option. The class addresses the history, scoring, rules and basic technique of tennis while still providing students with a space to play and improve. If you’re looking for an extra credit that won’t overwhelm you or your schedule, Tennis may be the perfect option.

HFIT-163: Yoga

Students can find a combination of physical activity and stress reducing techniques in HFIT-163: Yoga. The course is intended for people of all levels and is a space where students can explore their mental awareness. In Yoga, students learn relaxation techniques, correct alignment and how to improve their mobility amongst other techniques. 

HFIT-100: Beginning Swimming

Designed for students who lack basic swimming experience, HFIT-100: Beginning Swimming is a perfect option for those who wish to improve upon this essential life skill. Taking Beginning Swimming will improve comfort in the water and teach fundamental swimming skills. Alongside the skill benefits of this course, it’s also a great way to cool off and take your mind off academic stress.

HFIT-130: Walking and Jogging

For those seeking a course where they can design their own goals, students should think about taking HFIT-130: Walking and Jogging. Students of all levels have the option to focus on conditioning, muscle toning and weight loss in the course, and HFIT-130 provides students with the opportunity to take a break and step away from work for a while.

With registration for the spring semester on the horizon, students can look at adding a fitness class to their schedule. There are dozens of courses available for the upcoming semester where students can find new passions, meet new people and develop a well rounded lifestyle.


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