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Monday, Feb. 26, 2024
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Curious about AU Kitchen? We are too

The Eagle has compiled a list of all of the changes that have been made to AU dining for the fall semester

AU Kitchen has made several recent changes and renovations to its program for the fall semester. Among these renovations, includes new restaurants opening and different ways to order food. If you haven’t been keeping up with what’s new, The Eagle has got you covered so you’re not left wondering where to find your favorite place to eat. 

True Burger and Paper Lantern 

Pom and Honey, the Mediterranean restaurant that had been on campus since Fall 2019 has been replaced with Paper Lantern, which AU Kitchen has labeled as Asian cuisine. Paper Lantern serves meals that include orange chicken, fried rice, and General Tso’s chicken on their menu and students can use a meal exchange here to get an entree, side and a drink. 

Pom and Honey is not the only restaurant that has been replaced though, as Wonk Burger and Absurd Bird have been combined into one dining location in MGC known as True Burger. At True Burger, students can get milkshakes, chicken tenders and different types of burgers, like a Mac and Cheese Burger or a California Burger. In addition, there are now three different types of patties provided at True Burger: beef, turkey and Beyond Meat. A meal exchange can be used at True Burger to get an entree, a side of fries or chips and a drink but cannot be used for the milkshakes. 

Hissho Sushi and Halal Shack 

Hissho Sushi has been moved to Kerwin Hall for the school year after being located in the Tavern for the past few years. For those missing Aloha Poke Bowl, Hissho Sushi does offer poke bowls at their new location. 

As for Hissho Sushi’s old location, a new restaurant is moving in in its place. AU Kitchen is introducing the Halal Shack, which will serve “Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern'' cuisine, as well as Baba’s Pizza. Students will be able to use meal exchanges here, although they have yet to open. The Eagle reached out to AU Dining for comment on when these two restaurants will open and received no response. 

Grubhub Ordering and Kiosks 

With the addition of Grubhub to AU’s dining services in 2021, students can order from restaurants on campus using a meal exchange or Eagle Bucks as well as order from any off-campus restaurant using Eagle Bucks. 

Alongside the implementation of Grubhub, AU Kitchen has added kiosks to certain dining locations across campus as well. Locations like Einstein Bagel and Build Pizza  now allow for students to order their meal and use their OneCard at the kiosk instead of waiting in line. 

Changes to TDR

If you’ve made your way down to TDR recently, you’ll notice there have been some adjustments to the dining hall. All stations are now self-serve, except for the locations where you create your own meal, like the pasta station and the Deli. In addition, TDR has made l breakfast waffles available all day, and they are now make-your-own waffles. There are also new reusable green takeout containers available to use and students can return them on their next visit to TDR. Finally, TDR has added a way for students to submit music suggestions to be played on the speakers through the Rockbot app

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