District of Cinema Episode 12: The A-tier movies of A24

The gang embrace their quirky indie side and talk about film distributor A24

District of Cinema Episode 12: The A-tier movies of A24

In this episode, Tristan, Olivia and Spenser jump into the realm of A24, and agree about the high-quality production and messaging behind their movies. The gang also explores what makes an American classic, the future of American indie filmmaking and Spenser also specifies that “Uncut Gems” is nothing like “The Godfather.” This is how we win.

Films referenced: Lady Bird, The Green Knight, Zola, Jackie, Jackie Brown, Minutemen, The Florida Project, Ex Machina, Black Mirror (2011-), Good Time, Uncut Gems, The Meyerowitz Stories, Marriage Story, The Godfather, Minari, Euphoria (2019-), Ramy (2019-), Malcolm & Marie, The Farewell, Coco, Never Goin’ Back, Hereditary, Midsommar, Lady Macbeth, Saw, The Conjuring, Romeo + Juliet, The Great Gatsby, The Last Black Man in San Francisco, Sons of Anarchy (2008-2014), Lamb, The French Dispatch, C’mon C’mon, 20th Century Women, The Lighthouse, Columbus and After Yang.

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