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Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Sorry About Last Night

REVIEW: Fisher and Hutchinson’s comedy show ‘Sorry About Last Night’ is a show you’d be sorry to miss

A comedy show not for the faint of heart

Let’s set the mood for the evening: dim lighting with a pink undertone, brick walls that smelled of a good time and one center stage with a luminescent spotlight. 

On Oct. 14, this spotlight presented Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson live at the DC Improv Comedy Club. They are famously known for their comedy duo “Sorry About Last Night” and are also the creators of the “Guys we have f****d” podcast. 

Fisher and Hutchinson put on quite the raunchy display, but regardless of how vulgar and down to earth their content was, it’s up to par with the funnier stand-up comedy routines to come about in recent years. 

The show started off with a simple opening act — another performer, Naomi Karavani, set the tone for a good show with a few witty one-liners. 

Karavani said that women and men who play football are similar: once they hit 30 years old, they start looking at younger athletes — college athletes or even high school athletes. And, to rub salt in the wound of all 30-year-old football players, she took a direct hit at Tom Brady, and said that however much gender is a construct, so are Tom Brady’s knees. The room responded positively to the newbie on stage — she set a laid back and humorous environment for the upcoming comedy duo.

Shifting attention, Fisher was first up to bat and automatically hit a home run with her jokes. The room was in uproar, with every punch line delivered to a tee.

Fisher started with commentary on how everyone always looks for love in tall men but are completely “overlooking” short guys. You can never trust a tall man since they are always so far away, she said, they might just be cheating on you all the way up there. 

This quickly turns into the point of the show — “Sorry About Last Night” — and Fisher joked about her overconfidence and slight self-obsession proving a lack of competence in the bedroom. Discovering this about herself, she said it came as a shock to her ego, but made for a good laugh. Fisher gave ease and insight into the world of dating and hookups. It bordered right on the line of pathetic but did not cross over humility. 

Hutchinson was up to the plate next, yet another homerun. Every joke was delivered with such character: with a range of facial expressions, voice impressions and overall realness, she was fearless. Laying into every joke with an experience made the content all the better — knowing that this was fact, not fiction added an extra laugh because it was relatable.

Her comedy was a spectrum of topics from her past trauma to family dysfunction and the chaos that was having a brand-new puppy at the start of quarantine — as Hutchinson put it, “I wasn’t going to go through it alone”.

That statement is what rounded out the entire show: their content spoke to every person in the room, and created a comfortable environment where you could learn to laugh at life’s mishaps. Everyone has ‘dumb b****h’ moments as the two said, and that’s okay — Fisher and Hutchinson showed that with a little laughter and a few drinks, you can overcome the toughest obstacles. 

Conclusively, Fisher and Hutchinson’s stand-up routine is nothing short of a knee slapper. While their live show may no longer be in DC, the two have a podcast with relatively all the same content, just a tad more up to date with their life happenings. This show receives a gold star and a solid two thumbs up. 

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