Fitness activities perfect for the summer weather

The best workouts that will get you outdoors to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather this summer

Fitness activities perfect for the summer weather

Finding the motivation to get up and work out is always hard, especially when all you want to do is sit around and soak up the sun and 80 degree weather. We’ve compiled a list of great fitness activities to keep you moving this summer, all designed for you to enjoy the outdoors and tailor each workout to your needs and preferences. 


Running or jogging is a classic way to work out in any season, and it’s a perfect way to enjoy the sunny weather while still focusing on fitness. This workout is also customizable — allowing you to run for however long you want, mix up your route each day to take in new scenery, or switch between a light jog and a sprint. Listening to music or podcasts while running is also a great way to make the workout more enjoyable. While running, a personal favorite of mine to listen to is Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris because it allows you to focus on both your physical and mental health simultaneously. The podcast focuses on mental health and discusses topics ranging from meditation to relationships. Running is very beneficial to improve cardiovascular endurance, muscular robustness, and bone strength as well. All you need is a pair of running shoes, some water, and you’re good to go. 

In the D.C. area, running through the National Mall is a great way to see the historic sights of the city while fitting in a workout. 


One of the best ways to exercise while taking in the nature around you is through hiking. Although this isn’t something you can always do right in your backyard, it’s definitely worth a drive to the nearest hiking trails. With different trails and varying difficulty levels to pick from, hiking is another customizable activity where you can decide how hard you want to push yourself. Hiking allows you to see beautiful scenery and breathtaking views that will make you forget that you’re even exercising. Just grab your best pair of sneakers, find the nearest trails, and enjoy being out in nature. 

There are many hiking trails in and around D.C. with beautiful scenery to take in. Here is a list of the top 15. However, if you’re looking for something slower-paced, try out some of these walking trails near American University’s campus.


Whether it’s biking through your neighborhood and surrounding town, or following a trail at the nearest park, biking is perfect for getting outside in the summer weather. This exercise is also great to do while on vacation, since it allows you to explore the new place you’re visiting on wheels. Biking helps improve muscular strength and balance while also being a great and fun way to burn calories. 

Biking is a great approach to explore the city, whether it’s pedaling by the monuments or the streets of downtown. If you don’t have your own, you can rent an electric scooter, like the Capital Bikeshare ebikes around the city. There are also many trails to explore, including these four, with great views and scenery. 


Swimming is a great way to relax while also exercising, especially to cool off in the hot summertime weather. While not everyone has a pool in their backyard, beaches, lakes, ponds and rivers often provide a great alternative for swimming in the heat. Oftentimes swimming doesn’t even feel like exercise, but it’s a great way to burn calories and improve endurance. 

Although you may think there are limited places to go swimming around D.C., there are actually many places in and around the area to take a dip. Here is a list of six swimming holes in the area.


While these exercises require the most equipment on this list, both are great ways to enjoy being active while being out on the water. 

With kayaking and paddleboarding, you can set your own pace on the water, so it works for every skill level. You can go at a slow leisurely pace in order to take in the scenery around you, or you can push yourself to really work out your arms as you propel yourself forward through the water. These activities are low-impact and are great for improving cardiovascular fitness, as well as upper body strength. 

Boating in DC is a company that provides kayak, canoe, and other boating rentals in order to explore the city on its waterways. 

While it can be hard to find the motivation to work out during the summer months, finding activities that allow you to enjoy the sunshine and warm temperature makes working out fun. 

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