Review: Foo Fighters’ electrifying new album ‘Medicine at Midnight’ will keep listeners engaged

The Feb. 5 release is an invigorating tribute to the best of rock

Review: Foo Fighters’ electrifying new album ‘Medicine at Midnight’ will keep listeners engaged
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The Foo Fighters are no stranger to the music industry, and their new album “Medicine at Midnight” is only further testament to their legacy of gripping lyricism, vocals and instrumentals.

Released on Feb. 5, “Medicine at Midnight” consists of one electrifying track after the other, and is a record that proudly shows off the talent, growth and ever-evolving uniqueness of the Foo Fighters’ sound. 

The album kicks off with “Making a Fire,” a track with all the energy and spark of a real flame. With hypnotizing background vocals and an upbeat sound that just keeps on giving, the spirit of the Foo Fighters bleeds through into this track and electrifies listeners with the exact same excitement the album itself contains. With lyrics like “I’ve waited a lifetime to live / It’s time to ignite,” it’s hard not to dance along to lead singer Dave Grohl’s captivating vocals and, as the song suggests, “ignite” the flame within you.

“Shame Shame” is the next track on the album, and though the song was initially released as a single in November, it still holds the same vigor, rush and enthralling drumming patterns as when it first debuted. The chilling black-and-white music video released shortly after only adds to the power and impact behind the song as well, with chilling lyrics of “Another season of loneliness / I found a reason and buried it / Beneath the mountain of emptiness,” alongside chilling visuals of dark skies and an inflamed coffin. 

“Cloudspotter” is perhaps one of the songs that stick out the most on “Medicine at Midnight” — a track that is unique in its composition (lyrically and musically) but still inherently something that only the Foos can deliver. The chorus of the track is exciting, while the drums and guitars amplify the pure energy of the song. 

Though the first few songs of this album are more upbeat and lively compositions, there are also a few that lean more into a softer sound. “Waiting on a War” and “Chasing Birds” are two such songs, definitively more mellow than some of the tracks preceding them but still classically Foo Fighters all the same. And though the songs are certainly softer than tracks like “Making a Fire,” that doesn’t mean they are lacking inspiration or meaning. 

Grohl said that he wrote “Waiting on a War” for his daughter, Harper. Grohl felt inspired to create the song after having a conversation with her last fall, where she voiced concerns for a frightening political climate by asking, “Daddy, is there going to be a war?” 

In a statement from Grohl, the lead singer explained that her question reminded him of the “same dark cloud” he lived under 40 years ago when he had similar concerns of an impending war. With lyrics such as “I’ve been waiting on a war since I was young” or “Every day waiting for the sky to fall” this song truly reflects the fears and emotions of both Grohl and his daughter. The official music video for the song only amplifies the meaning behind the lyrics, with unsettling visuals that embody the hopeless atmosphere war creates. 

Alongside the softer songs of the album, there are just as many that are closer to hard rock. “No Son of Mine” and “Holding Poison” are two such tracks, with intense guitar and drumming, as well as vocals coming from Grohl, both songs emulate the very meaning of rock in their heavy-hitting sound.

The title track of the album “Medicine at Midnight” meets the heavier and softer sounds of the band somewhere in the middle, effectively meshing together the essence of the Foo Fighters in a song that’s as rhythmic as it is catchy. Last but not least, “Love Dies Young” closes out the album with an exhilarating melody and beat that keeps you listening until the very end and leaves you wanting even more. 

Overall, “Medicine at Midnight” is an invigorating tribute to the evolution of rock. With Grohl’s distinctive vocals, the mesmerizing instrumental work, and creative lyricism that ties it all together, the Foo Fighters’ new album is guaranteed to electrify listeners and amplify the pure power behind rock and roll. 

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