Whether you vote in your home state or in D.C., issues on the ballot impact American University students and our community

Nearly 283,000 people voted early in D.C., which is 90 percent of the entire turnout in the 2016 election

Whether you vote in your home state or in D.C., issues on the ballot impact American University students and our community

What are D.C. voters voting on?

There are 24 candidates running for the two open at-large seats that serve the whole city. Only one of these seats can be held by the city’s majority party, which is Democrat. Either seat can be held by an independent, Republican, Libertarian or Statehood Green Party candidate. Candidates are listed below in the order they appear on the ballot.

 ** Denotes incumbent 

D.C. City Council 

  • Candidates: Christina Henderson (I) – Vincent Orange (I) – Franklin Garcia (I) – Rick Murphree (I) – Marya Pickering (R) – Marcus Goodwin (I) – Markus Batchelor (I) – Michangelo "Doctor Mic" Scruggs (I) – Mario Cristaldo (I) – Calvin H. Gurley (I) – Claudia Barragán (I) – Keith Silver (I) – Alexander M. Padro (I) – Robert White (D) – Jeanné Lewis (I) – Mónica Palacio (I) – Ann C. Wilcox (Statehood Green) – Joe Bishop-Henchman (Libertarian) – Kathy Henderson (I) – Eric M. Rogers (I) – Chander Jayaraman (I) – A’Shia Howard (I) – Ed Lazere (I) – Will Merrifield (I).

Delegate to the House of Representatives

The Delegate to the House of Representatives has full floor privileges and participates in certain House functions, but cannot vote. This is different from a U.S. Representative. 

  • Omari Musa (Socialist workers party), Amir Lowery (I), Patrick Hynes (Libertarian), Natale Lino Stracuzzi (Statehood Green), Eleanor Holmes Norton (D) **, John "Recovery" Cheeks (I), Barbara Washington Franklin (I), David Krucoff (I)

United States Senator

The District elects two shadow U.S. senators who are not officially sworn in or seated by the U.S. Senate. One of those seats is up for reelection this year. 

  • Cornelia Weiss (R), Eleanor Ory [Echo] (Statehood Green), Paul Strauss (D)**

United States Representative

Similar to the U.S. Senator, D.C. elects a shadow representative for the House who is not officially sworn in or seated.

  • Sohaer Rizvi Syed (I), Oye Owolewa (D), Joyce [Chestnut] Robinson-Paul (Statehood Green)

At-large member of the state Board of Education 

  • Jacque Patterson, Mysiki Valentine, Ravi K. Perry, Chris Martin, Dorothy Douglas, Troy Murphy

ANC Commissioner

  • AU sophomore Christian Damiana is running unopposed for the ANC 3D07 seat. 

On the ballot is Initiative 81, or the Entheogenic Plant and Fungus Policy Act of 2020, which would make policing and prosecution of psychedelic plants a low priority for the Metropolitan Police Department. This does not legalize psychedelic plants since Congress has prohibited D.C. from legalizing or decriminalizing drugs that have the high potential for abuse, like psychedelics. Mayor Muriel Bowser said she would vote against this initiative.


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