Stumped on costume ideas for Halloween? Fear not.

Here’s a list of six easy and affordable DIY costumes you can make at home

Stumped on costume ideas for Halloween? Fear not.
A bowl of candy on Halloween 2020.

If you don’t want to spend upwards of $30 on a generic Halloween costume, you’re not alone! With a few household items and some creativity, you can make your own reusable costumes.

  1. Greek God/Goddess

Materials: Twin-bed sheet (any color), two safety pins, a tank top and a gold rope, belt or ribbon.

Optional: Gold jewelry, gold spray paint, plastic or real leaves and a piece of string or elastic that fits around your head, aviator sandals.

  • Put on a tank top and shorts to wear underneath your costume.
  • Fold your sheet hot-dog style until it is the perfect length for your chiton (a Greek dress) and roll down the top edges. Wrap this folded sheet around your body, underneath your underarms. 
  • Using the two safety pins, pin the fabric on top of each shoulder together.
  • Tie the rope, belt or ribbon around your waist to secure the chiton.
  • If you want to take this costume even further, make a crown out of leaves and paint it gold and put on a pair of aviator sandals to add to the look.

2. Hippie

Materials: Tie-dye shirt or other ‘70s-style clothing, bell-bottom pants and vintage accessories.

Optional: “Make love, not war” sign.

*Tip: Ask your parents to borrow some of their old clothes!

  • Channel your inner hippie by donning a tie-dye shirt or anything colorful and flashy. Pair your ‘70s-themed top with some flared jeans or baggy pants. Bonus points for vivid colors!
  • Add as many accessories as you please! A braided headpiece, peace sign jewelry, a flower crown, colored sunglasses, a fringed vest or knee-high white boots are all perfect accessories to top off your ‘70s look.

3. Mime

Materials: Black-and-white striped shirt, black bottoms, white face paint, makeup (black eyeliner, blush and red lipstick), white gloves and a black beret.

Optional: Red handkerchief and black or red suspenders.

  • Put on your mime outfit, which should consist of a striped shirt, black beret and black pants or skirt.
  • Apply white face paint onto your entire face. Use black eyeliner to darken the area around your eyes, then draw a long black triangle above and underneath both eyes. Feel free to darken your eyebrows. Apply the red lipstick, then add some blush to your cheeks.
  • If you choose, put on suspenders and tie a handkerchief around your neck. Finish the look with white gloves, and you’re all set!

4. Skeleton

Materials: White T-shirt, black tank top or T-shirt, fabric scissors, front rib cage template, back rib cage template, black and white face paint and black eyeshadow.

  • Print out rib cage templates. Cut the first page on the solid black line, then tape that edge to the dotted line from the second page. 
  • Pinch the front of your white T-shirt in the center of the neck and pull forward, then line up the sleeve and side seams to make a fold down the center-front of the shirt. Lay the shirt on a flat surface.
  • Use templates and fabric scissors to create “ribs” on the front and back of the shirt. Once finished, wear over a black tank top. 
  • Cover your face and neck with white face paint. Using black face paint, draw large circles around each eye and on your nose, then draw small black lines over your lips to simulate a skeleton’s smile. Lastly, use black eyeshadow to contour your cheekbones, which will make your face appear gaunt.

5. Clown

Materials: Any mismatched outfit (lots of bright colors and patterns), crazy socks, bow tie, suspenders, colorful wig, face paint and lipstick.

  • Put on your mismatched clothes, suspenders and bow tie. If you want, create a Pennywise-inspired look with a white dress and three red buttons, instead of a generic clown costume. 
  • Cover your face and neck with white face paint. Once that dries, paint your nose red. Using black face paint, darken the area around your eyes, making sure to blend well! Apply red or black lipstick and put on a wig.

6. Smart Cookie

Materials: Graduation cap and gown, color printer or old magazines, scissors and tape. 

Optional: Glasses.

  • If you have access to a color printer, print and cut out 10-15 chocolate chip cookies.
  • If you don’t have a color printer, find and cut out photos of cookies from old magazines or catalogs. 
  • Tape cookies to the front of your gown.
  • Put on your cap and gown (and glasses, if you have them) and the “smart cookie” look is complete.

Halloween may be different this year, but whether you’re having a socially-distant celebration or hanging out at home, these affordable and easy costume ideas are a perfect way to get into the Halloween spirit!

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