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Self-taught artist brings pop culture to D.C. art galleries

Ravi Raman will host the second night of his pop-up exhibit on March 1

Self-taught artist brings pop culture to D.C. art galleries

Ravi Raman’s "Love in Six Lines" series on display at the SR/A Interior Design Gallery in Chevy Chase.

D.C. artist Ravi Raman will host the second night of his free pop-up art exhibit at Toolbox Pilates Art Studio at 6 p.m. on Friday, March 1.

The two-night exhibit is a part of First Friday Dupont: Artwalk, and began on Feb. 28. It aims to put a “mirror” on Instagram by using traditional-style artwork in a way that resembles what a modern fashion blogger would post on social media, Raman told The Eagle. 

To Raman, social media democratizes the relationship between the artist and the viewer.

“Particularly for artists, it’s not about just showing your art in your local community anymore and then trying to reach out to a larger audience,” Raman said. “I put something on Instagram and, potentially, anybody could see it.”

Raman’s artwork draws its inspiration from pop culture icons, including artists like Andy Warhol and Pablo Picasso. Styles similar to Picasso are especially apparent in his nine-painting series “Love in Six Lines,” which depicts a couple’s relationship in each painting with only six lines. 

Over the past few years, the self-taught artist has done a number of shows that he arranged himself. In addition to “Love in Six Lines,” which is on display at SR/A Interior Design in Chevy Chase, Maryland, through May 21, his other exhibit “New Yorker” is displayed at TRYST Gallery in Leesburg, Virginia until Mar. 29. 

Those who can’t make it to Friday’s exhibit can still view Raman’s work by visiting either of those exhibits, as well as Raman’s 12-foot mural at 1737 Columbia Road NW that depicts one of the scenes from “Love in Six Lines.”

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