Longtime Dean of Students Robert Hradsky leaves AU

Traci Callandrillo of the Counseling Center is serving as interim assistant VP

Longtime Dean of Students Robert Hradsky leaves AU

Robert Hradsky, who served for 10 years as AU’s Assistant Vice President of Student Life, Dean of Students and Title IX Coordinator, has left the University for a job at Syracuse University, which he started Monday.

Fanta Aw, Vice President of Campus Life and Inclusive Excellence, said that Traci Callandrillo, the executive director of the Counseling Center, is currently serving as the Interim Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students.

Hradsky was named Senior Associate Vice President of the Student Experience and Dean of Students at Syracuse in a Feb. 9 press release

There was not an announcement or memorandum sent to students confirming his departure. However, Aw said that was standard procedure for somebody at Hradsky’s administrative level.

“[An email] was sent to all of the deans, directors and others who interact primarily with the office, so that’s not unusual in terms of the protocol,” Aw said.

Hradsky's move to Syracuse was not only a promotion, Aw said, but brought him back to a familiar place. He previously worked as a Career Program Coordinator at Binghamton University in New York.

Aw told The Eagle that they are searching for Hradsky’s replacement. His departure comes at a time when the Office of Campus Life, and the University as a whole, is undergoing dramatic changes.

“The structures that we have had within campus life have been in place for 18 years,” Aw said. “So you have to think about that, you need to engage with your stakeholders and understand where the opportunities are. But certainly the function of a Dean of Students is an important function, so certainly we will be looking for that as well.”


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