Burwell addresses anti-immigrant flyers found at AU Monday

In a statement, Burwell emphasized support for targeted communities

Burwell addresses anti-immigrant flyers found at AU Monday

Unjversity President Sylvia Burwell released a statement addressing the anti-immigration flyers found on campus Monday.

University President Sylvia Burwell released a statement Tuesday morning addressing the discovery of eight anti-immigration flyers on campus Monday.

Burwell, now in her second semester as president, said AU rejects hate, bigotry and “hateful movements” alike. 

“We do not believe that the American University community was uniquely targeted,” read the statement, repeating Vice President of Campus Life Fanta Aw’s email to students Monday. “These flyers likely represented part of an international, hateful movement attempting to intimidate immigrant communities throughout the world.”

Burwell’s statement went on to reject any ideas of “hate, bigotry, and intimidation in all its forms.” Burwell then turned her attention towards DACA recipients, whom she has previously said she would support to the extent of her authority.

“American University is fully committed to our undocumented students and will use every legal means at our disposal to offer our support and protection,” she wrote. “We also strongly urge the nation's leaders to find a long-term solution for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) students. 

Burwell said the University’s strong positions on diversity and “equal rights for all” may be the reason that it has been a target for hateful acts during the past year, including an incident involving Confederate flag flyers in September.

“As an institution that takes strong stands on anti-racism, equal rights for all, and preservation of free expression … this sadly continues to make American University a target for acts of cowardice and bigotry like these that are disturbingly global,” she wrote.

Burwell closed her statement by reiterating her support for targeted groups and all of the AU community. 

“We will stand together strongly against these acts that are intended to frighten and divide our community,” Burwell wrote. “They will not.”


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