Bruno Mars brings his (24K) magic touch to the Capital One Arena

The singer and his band transported the audience into a world of extravagance

Bruno Mars brings his (24K) magic touch to the Capital One Arena

Bruno Mars performs at the Capital One Arena on Sept. 30 as part of his 24K Magic World Tour. 

Bruno Mars and The Hooligans took to the stage at Capital One Arena on Sept. 30 for a set dripping with decadence, an unsurprising quality for a show part of the singer’s “24K Magic World Tour.” His second night at the arena brought his most recent album of the same name to life, outfitting the singer’s groovy, rhythmic-funk sound with every light, color, firework and magic trick that the stage could pull off.

Most of Mars’ songs are spectacles and crowd-pleasers within themselves. With their cheeky lyrics and swoon-worthy expressions of lust and love, Mars rides through his very own extravagant world that he effortlessly transports his audience to. Lyrics like “Gold jewelry shining so bright, strawberry champagne on ice” during “That’s What I Like” and “I'm a dangerous man with some money in my pocket” in “24K Magic” give a quick taste of Mars’ mind, something that many would not mind living in for a night.

However, with the addition of flashing lights, bold colors and his band’s ever-lasting energy, Mars seamlessly transforms the venue into his own personal party, and guess what? You’re invited.

Looking out into the crowd, it seemed like everyone, old and young, had received Mars’ invitation. Families stood next to middle-aged men in perfectly pressed jackets. Groups of ladies decked out in gold jewelry danced together as teenagers did the same besides them. Mars brought together an eclectic group of people, and it’s easy to see why. As he circled through hit after hit, the crowd screamed with excitement as the opening notes of each rung out, almost stunned to hear the long standing radio staples blared at top volume over the arena speakers.

Mars’ chemistry with his band was, by far, the most engaging part of the concert. With their synchronized dance moves and supreme rhythmic control, they looked like a cross between a ‘90s boy band and ‘20s speakeasy band with hip thrusts that would make even Elvis blush. For the opener, the Hooligans serenaded the crowd during “Finesse” as Mars showed off his moves surrounded by primary colors and flashing spotlights. They bounced around the stage with their matching white Nike shoes during “Perm.” Mars took a break to call his ‘lady’ during “Calling All My Lovelies,” as his crew aided him in leaving the most romantic voice message that the crowd approved with their screams. Dance breaks were common, and the audience took great pleasure in watching Mars grind during “Versace on the Floor” and jump around during “Runaway Baby.” Even older hits like “Grenade,” “Marry You,” and “Uptown Funk” fit right in with the vibe, eliciting perfectly choreographed choruses and rock-worthy guitar solos.

With this show, Mars wants you to feel like the most important and fabulous person in the room, no matter who you are or where you are sitting. He wants you to feel like every word of praise or excitement is directed towards you, building up a crowd of fine ladies and suave gentlemen lost in the lyrics and lights. Mars surely believes himself to be quite the suave, cool man who can attract the finest, most beautiful ladies in the clubs. Why shouldn’t his audience be filled with people who believe the same about themselves?

And maybe that’s why Mars is able to attract such an eclectic crowd for this tour: because so many want to know what it feels like to be Bruno Mars for a night.

What does that feel like, exactly? Pure 24-karat magic.

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