Concert Preview: Regina Spektor

The beloved singer-songwriter comes to DAR Constitution Hall on March 14

Concert Preview: Regina Spektor

Acclaimed singer-songwriter Regina Spektor is back on the road in support of her latest LP, “Remember Us to Life,” and will perform at DAR Constitution Hall on March 14.

Spektor has released earnest, beautiful solo projects as well as collaborations with artists from the likes of Chance the Rapper to Ben Folds. Her ability to work within different themes, song structures and genres of music has made her an interesting and captivating artist to watch over her 15-year career.

Her latest work, “Remember Us to Life,” features the skillful, soulful piano playing, quirky lyrics and sly humor that fans and critics love, on this theatrical, instrumentally captivating and at times heartbreaking LP.

Songs such as “Obsolete” offer an articulate, soulful look at Spektor’s feelings as she suffers from heartbreak in the second-half of her 30s, with a maturity that comes only with painful experience.

Spektor’s most recent project may be her most instrumentally compelling one, adding sonic nuance and depth to her quirky, tongue-in-cheek songwriting. The sheer range of quality deep cuts and hits in the songwriter's catalog are sure to make for a varied and engaging live performance.

Regina Spektor will take the stage at D.A.R. Constitution Hall at 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 14. Tickets are still available here

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